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  1. cowboys lost :(

    tony romo is horrible... 3 interceptions?!? come on!!
  2. hahaha that's what a dude in my clan on socom just said ahahaha!
  3. My buddy is going to be very disappointed. He had 300 dollars on the 'boys.
  4. that sucks!

    lot by a field goal with 4 seconds left... :mad:
  5. What was the score? He bet the under as well.
  6. 33 giants
    31 cowboys
  7. Well he blew that one too.

    Guess he's down about 1500 bucks now.
  8. wow...

    ... read the police log tomorrow, I wouldnt be surprised if you find out about a drunken killing rampage.
  9. Haha, knowing him I wouldn't be surprised...and he was drunk when I dropped him off at home.

    His bookie doesn't have any backing anyway though, so he's not really at any risk.
  10. lol gues it ain't t.o. it was romo lol! i think yall will ever win a playoff game wit romo!

    who fumbles the fuckin ball on a field goal lol...then don't even get one yard to get the first because someone comes from the other side of the line and catches you from the back...
  11. romo is almost as bad as the raiders quarterback, jmarcus or however you spell it.
  12. I grew up in Burlington WI, where Tony Romo went to high school. But we've been calling him Tony Homo ever since he was a fifth string quarterback:D

    even tho they fuckin lost too
  13. lol idk...he has a better team than them. no way he should throw 3 picks!!! He made some STUPID fuckin choices!!! even the fuckin announcers was doggin him sayin "wow that was brilliant" (being sarcastic) why in the hell would you throw the ball to a dude that's not open and covered by 2 defenders!! He must have thought t.o. was out there hahaha!
  14. romo is the downfall of that team.

    also the cowboys passing coverage was shit as well.
  15. I don't know what game you were watchin... If it weren't for those 3 picks, Dallas woulda whooped the shit outta the Giants... They were completely dominating NY, otherwise.
  16. the last drive of NY the giants were throwing first downs nearly every play.

    Dallas was putting some decent pressure on manning, but the wide receivers were constantly left open.

    even worse is the raiders won earlier.

    my favorite team loses and the team I hate the most wins. :mad:
  17. raiders and dodgers.

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