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    Well boys and girls. I am fucking pissed. I got jumped tonight with one of my best friends by a group of literally 15-20 guys.

    First off we had just rolled a fat doob of the best weed i have ever gotten and were walking to this store to pick up a friend and this group started harrasing us. Long story short. They took my chain, bracelet, 1 ring, i think (i had three but 2 r missing), phones, 3 G's of the dankest shit ive ever seen, and my wallet which had 100 dollars in it. Oh and the best part?

    Before they did this shit they emptied a can of bear mace on me. It still fucking burns horribly on my skin. My eyes are better though

    they also punched me a couple times and stomped on me, but before they maced me i got a couple nice shots in.

    But see i used 2 say fuck the police but this time, they helped me and got the pain to start going away. Nice guys.

    Anyways, now im budless and in pain till 2morrow. I just feel bad cause most of that shit was fro iran and i had just gotten back last week.

    - Ali :(
  2. damn dude that fucking sucks. Did they give any hints as to why they attacked you?

    im sorry to hear about the loss of dank.:(
  3. Thats why you carry a gun...

    When punk kids wanna use 15-20 people to jump someone over simple shit talking....thats when you start poppin shots to get the point across

    Not saying you should try to hit every single person in a lethal spot but make sure they see the gun and understand that acting like a dumbass can get you killed.

    I hate hearing about jumpings of this type. Reminds me of how many pussies are in the world

    Who the fuck needs 20-2 kind of odds? Bunch of ball-less bitches
  4. unusual for Canada.
    sorry to hear man, glad you got a new decent shots in though, haha
  5. Im just gunna find out who they are. And get em one by one.
  6. Sounds good to me.

    They messed you up, why not return the favor?
  7. jumping someone with that many people makes them all pussies..im sorry for your losses man just remember everything will even out at the end, when theyre in jail taking it up the ass from 15-20 guys or some shit haha.
  8. hahahah thanks man. yeah it makes them all pussies. Natives around here do this kind of shit. Then they bitch about land.
  9. Btw, my jaw hurts so bad today from clenching it so much while i was maced. I smoked and it feels better, my buddies smoked me out =]
  10. Seriously, what the fuck is up with the world today. Stuff like this just makes me question whether humans really are more evolved than animals or not.

  11. I agree. I mean jumping someone for no reason at all is dumb enough But when you have to have that many guys to take on 2 people thats bullshit.

    But look at the bright side. When people think they need 20 guys and mace to take you down.. You know you're the man:cool:
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    Thanks dude, all you blades r the man...'s. :D
  13. Sorry to hear that kinda BS had to happen to a fellow blade!

    And for no apparent reason....but maybe they felt the beating was justified by
    - Ur swag (the shit u had on you. You said it was from IRAN. FOREIGN.) maybe they got the Mid-Eastern/Terrorist stereotype and it became a RASCIST "Go back to your country" sort of shit....Sounds retarded but its Plausible.
  14. Naw homie, the natives around here try to jump ppl for fun. Douchebags. But i found out where they hang out and shit.
  15. i can easily see how a situation like this resulted in the first drive by shooting.
  16. Damn man, sorry to hear about that shit.

    At least you're alright though, right?
  17. im ok, sometimse my hands start burning real bad, or the side of my face. its kinda wack, but its all good :D
  18. You got any shit planned man?
    You should run up on em, one by one like you said, and ya know, do your business with em, and when your done light a J and blow it in their face. Steal all their shit like they did to you, fight fire with fire =] Your gonna have like 20 pairs of shoes man.
  19. Im thinkin of kidnapping the main ones, tying them to trees, running a train of pain on them with people, put honey on em and leave em for the bears. Send a message.
  20. Damn man good idea. Have fun with this shit though man, throw eggs at em, ya know. Tie them up wit duct tape and make sure their buck nekkid.

    Oh and 1 word : FIBERGLASS

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