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  1. My bed room door just keeps opening without me noticing like Ill walk over close it, go back to what I was doing no longer focusing on the door then I look over & its half open!!
  2. Im not sure if im to high & I think im just closing it but im going to close it right now so now I write it down & wont forget!!

    ok I just closed it nice & tight if it opens again ima shit a brick:smoke:
  3. lol use the brick to keep the door closed
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    Lol im super high, & that made me laugh my ass off:smoke: its still closed so this looks good so far, time to spark up another blunt :D
  5. haha glad i could make you laugh
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    just looking at your sig makes me laugh, because I picture them smoking getting the munchies then just like breaking off a piece of them selfs & chowing
  7. word? ya, m&ms are one of the most amazing things to pop in your mouth and listen to the sound they make when they hit your teeth. its like trying to listen to something that's going on inside your body!

    i just blew my brain and i'm not even high!
  8. Peanut M&M's have pretty much become my signature stoned food. Any time we raid a gas station after a session everybody knows I will pick up a bag no matter what, and if people are ever picking up the munchies for me they know what to get :)

    I like the tear&share packs cuz its double the amount of M&M's than the normal single size but only like 50 cents more.

    I don't share though. :devious:
  9. that shit was deep!! I am like in shock & astonished!! this was crazy:smoke:
  10. i have something for you to ponder...dude why is being stoned called being stoned?

    in the old days wasn't it when ppl would throw fuckin rocks at you?

    so how does being high (being the amazing thing it is) compare to getting rocks thrown at you?!

    just wondering if you could help me out with that..
  11. you just sent my mind on a million different paths on a search to find your answer!!! Ima ask google I ask google everything lets not make this any different...

    Google told me nothing, it only told me the difference between being stoned & high, but I dont know I like being stoned but in the ole' days it sucked!:smoke:
  12. damn...well thanks for try dude i appreciate it. lol
  13. any time bro anytime!! good ole GC, can talk about everything:D
  14. sure thing.

    well i'll let you ride that high bro.

    have a trippy night!:wave:

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