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  1. FUCK!! I was at my plot today (I only ended up with three babys) to do some sexing, and I have determined that my largest and healthiest plant is a DOOD!!!!:eek: And by tallest I mean by at least 2 feet. I'm really pissed, so what I plan on doing, is letting him live to fertilise one of the smaller (potential) females, this way I can get some seeds for next year.

    I could care less about seedy bud right now, as this is for personal use only and I break up weed with my hands so I can find the seeds beforehand.
  2. Damn that sucks dude.
    One of my plants died yesterday. Stem snap from an unknown cause. didn't make it through the night. It was my second largest.

    Good luck on the other two being females!
  3. i feel for ya. same thing jus ahppened to me, about 15 mina ago, went to water and looked real close and saw balls. what is worse is that i had thought it was a female, so this was a surprise to me lol. it was dark, so im gonna wait til daylight and check it again and then pull it if need be. nice 4-5 foot plant useless now.

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