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  1. I have a serious issue.. my plants now done bro.. just got home to see this. Like I said I skipped watering today but the soil is still fuckin wet in all the pots and plants man and the plant looks dead. Idk if it's because I didn't water this morning or from the humidity fuckin shit up!
    A lot of the inside growth that hasn't been getting su light are now just completely dead or yellow kinda and crisp on some.. is this over watering or stagnant soil from the humidity? Or combo of both.. I just looked again at it and it doesn't look too too bad but I mean shit wtf it's ugly af now and pathetic looking! I want to just take off the dead leaves but don't want to oversyress seeing as how I have pre flowers popping pistils

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  2. It doesn't look dead to me. Just sad

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  3. My guess is a soil issue what they growing in
  4. They dont look that bad... the older growth is dying but if overwatering was the problem they should be able to bounce back. Let them do their thing and just watch it happen. Maybe buy a 3way meter for light,pH, and moisture. Its like $10 on Amazon.[​IMG]

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  5. I hate those soil meters i cant trust em
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  6. I have one, but what am I supposed to do with that? Lol what's the moisture supposed to be at is what I'm saying brotha
  7. The little green zone in the center
  8. Agree. I went and took a second look and it just looks sad and pathetic smh.. I freak out at any dying leaves .. oh and I'm lookin under leaves and see a bunch of mites under s few leaves, I took some off.. one leaf was pretty high up but a fan leaf, I just said fuck it and took the whole leaf off.. completely healthy leaf... I sprayed this morning too.. I need to get under those leaves better

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  9. what's the run ph and ec? and what have you been feeding it?

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  10. runoff* ph

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  11. They like to get dried out every now and again. I let mine go until the pot feels weightless for its size, it usually reads like 2 or 3 on the meter.

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  12. How he gonna ph runoff its in the ground
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  13. Kellogs organic patio... I just went to use the meter and it was like push g thru concrete, but top two inches is dry and then about 4 to 6 inches is moist in the green and then if I push the meter all the way down it says wet and the pH if it's all the way pushed down says 6 and then if it's about halfway where the root zone is it says 6.5
  14. I just used the pH on that meter... 4 inches in it's 6.5 and 10 inches in it's 6
  15. Well theres the problem id say remove as much from the top and sides as you can and throw sum ffof on it
  16. Unless you think you can transplant to a large smart pot
  17. It's in the ground next to an orange tree.. so it's safe to say yea plant is out of question because then the orange tree would have to go and my girl would not have thst.. even tho the orange tree is only like 4 feet and skimp, my plant is 3 months and almost as tall lol.. there's so much extra b.s. dried up on top, underneath it is what's wet and it almost feels like clay .. why are a bunch of wood chip and other b.s. dried up on top? Is that why it hasn't been drying? It's blocking air and heat? Idk what to do exactly
  18. Completely dry or like semi dry, maybe a day in between where I am?
  19. Its the soil not letting it breathe and possible nute problems

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