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Fuck You UPS (Story related.)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by iLoveWaterBongs, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Alright, thought this would be an interesting place to discuss past experiences with UPS/delivery services because as of right now I am fucking pissed off with this company.

    Several days ago, my parents ordered my sister who is disabled medical equipment in the mail that wasn't extremely expensive or anything, just maybe like $50-100 at most. Anyway, UPS says they delivered this one package several days ago, and left it on their front porch. This guy claims to have rang the doorbell and walked off, assuming they were home like "every other time he had dropped off a package". They come home later, and do not see anything on the porch so obviously nobody thought the package had come in yet. Several days later, my folks realize the package hasn't come in yet. They phone UPS about it and they say somebody was coming out today. My parents went to work today so I'm getting the package.

    Anyway, about 10 minutes ago the delivery guy driving the UPS van arrives and walks forward with some paperwork looking annoyed. He's probably about 60.

    Me: Hey there.
    UPS guy: HI uh can I ask you something sir?
    Me: Um sure, go ahead.
    UPS guy: You didn't pick up that box the other day correct?
    Me: No sir, it is my understanding that it never arrived.
    UPS guy: UH well it certainly did arrive, I came and dropped it off right here.
    Me: Okay, well it seems that it wasn't there when anybody came home.
    UPS guy (in very negative tone): UHH, well I beg to differ there.. I have A picture of myself AT your house that day, and I dropped off that package. You guys didn't come out and get it? You always come right after I ring the door bell.
    Me: Uhm no, that was definitely not the case this time. We didn't get the package.
    UPS guy: Can you go inside and check around? *glances into house shiftily* I'm almost completely SURE you guys picked it up.
    Me: We did NOT get the package. At all. *starting to sound slightly annoyed*
    UPS guy (literally in a PISSED tone): K, well UPS doesn't really believe that. But, uh. They're going to pay for the value, but uhh... you're going to have to get her (your sister) or her parents to sign these. *hands papers over grudgingly*
    Me: K.. let me go do that.
    UPS: Alright, I'mma wait right here.
    Me: *Comes back with papers* Yeah, thanks A LOT.
    UPS: You're very welcome. I'm sure if somebody would've walked off with those they would've eventually found out it wasn't anything they wanted. *Walks off*

    First off, what the fuck? This guy is a fucking simple delivery man, it is not his place to go about stating what the company believes about it, it's his fucking job to hand me the papers and not give me his little $0.02 on the matter. Why would we lie about some inexpensive medical equipment when the main problem we're dealing with right now is my disabled sister, like he so boldly inclined? Last time we do business with these people if avoidable. What would the point even be of saying "they don't believe that, but they're going to help you?" Just to piss you off? We really need the fucking cheap supplies that bad that we'd go through lengths like this?

    Also, why would he have the foresight to take a picture of himself in front of our house? Maybe because he left the damn package on the porch with nobody home, not knowing what would happen to it. Is that really our fault? I've never seen him take a picture of himself before at the house.

    Share your stories with UPS or other mail carriers in general if you'd like, but I just thought I'd see what you guys thought, and I guess it's an alright story.
  2. I used to work at a UPS in Dallas. Everyone was cool as shit

    I worked third shift though so different people and the drivers always seemed to have a stick up their ass when we saw them, man some of those guys pull in 70 G's on those routes, so they're a lil stuck up.

    THat sucks though man, fuck that guy. Union workers
  3. That's ridiculous! Did he actually show you the picture...?
  4. Yea that really sucks that he gave you lip like that. Just because he is the one who is going to get written up for it doesnt mean its your fault at all. If he did drop it off as his job entitles him to then someone mustve took it which is not your fault at all and if anything could be blamed on him because he could have left it in the back or something.
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    No, I believe he meant that UPS had the picture in their possession.

    That's what I'm saying. He left it within pretty plain view of the road, it was an alright sized box.

    Edit: I remember him specifically saying "UPS would pay for the value", I don't even know why he has a right to be pissed off then. It's not like I'm doing the whole company in and he's losing his job or something, it really was a pretty relatively inexpensive package regardless.
  6. I woulda told that guy to fuck off and get the fuck off my property as soon as I got my package.

    On a related note, I used to call the UPS truck the "poop truck" when I was like 4.
  7. Yeah that's really weird man. What an ass. Given the situation he should have been a little bit nicer. Oh well.. must be grumpy, maybe his back is hurtin or something. I would not want to be 60+ working for UPS.. but shit, he choose that! I've got a son with disabilities so I understand the struggle. Sounds like you are a great brother.. THANK YOU for that :hello:
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    I just received a PM from a concerned member saying that I shouldn't blame the company for one driver's mistake.

    Just to make things clear if this is what you're thinking. Well, I wish it was that simple, but the fact that he stated specifically "UPS doesn't believe that" in response to "we didn't get the package at all" while looking at a clipboard he had, while we have been perfectly legitimate, paying customers in the past MANY times for medical supplies did strike me as quite unprofessional business practice for the company to have in handling with their customers. Obviously what he said was meant to simply be the belief of the company or he wouldn't have stated it so blatantly.
  9. That's ridiculous man. The UPS guy who delivers to our house is an asshole as well.

    Though we have no conclusive proof, we're like 95% sure that ours ran over our dog once. We came home one day and our dog is laying by the house in our driveway (we live out in the country and our driveway is like 1/4 mile long) and we go over and his back leg is like, totally broken and fucked up and at our door was a UPS package. The dog lived and whenever the UPS truck goes by now our dog totally freaks out. Wtf :mad:
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    Ahhh I'm sorry brother. A similar thing happened to me, except involving a random man walking a large dog who attacked my cat. We see him walking by occasionally, except the only evidence we know it was him is that my sister (who at the time could walk) while not wearing contacts ran outside and saw the guy walking away on the road and my cat laying hurt in my yard (blurry though, as her contacts weren't in), dog was still barking and trying to run into my yard, and the guy had only just now grabbed the leash it seemed. Our cat who is now in old age and quite fragile will still hiss/tense up if she happens to see the same man my sister pointed out later and the dog out the window.

    I am going to be reminded of this when I see UPS trucks though. A caretaker in our house for my sister on days when my parents aren't here was also home, and after hearing the conversation the only thing she could say was "That guy's just TRIPPIN'! Who the hell does he think he is?!" haha
  11. something similar has happened to me with UPS as well. I had a supercharger that was broken. So I sent it into the company in Cali to get it rebuilt. The guy rebuilt it and sent it back UPS. I had a tracking # and was waiting paitently for my package. One day when I came home from work I found the huge box just sitting on my front porch! I was so irrate pissed. I mean it didn't get stolen but I paid $900 for this and they just leave it on my porch with no one home? I called UPS and they said that it wasn't their fault because the package didn't require a signature. So then I proceeded to call the company that rebuilt it and told him that next time he sends a package to make sure that it gets signed because I'm sure that would have been quite a pain in the ass to get my money back from UPS had it gotton stolen.
  12. I hate UPS so fucking much, they won't deliver ANYTHING without a fucking signature, because 6 years ago some bitch DRIVING THE TRUCK stole a package from us.
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    Our UPS guy is pretty cool, we used to ship 3-5 boxes 2x a week. same guy, still in shorts in the winter with a truck with no door.

    now, we had a problem with a fedex guy. my mom was the one home 99% of the time. he would say smirk little things and fuck us around. writing down that nobody was home when they didnt show up at all, and we had shit go missing 3 times ON THE TRUCK. it was recorded being put on the truck, but thats where it went missing.

    if your wondering, it was paintball equipment we produced. buttpacks, armbands, etc.

    reminds me of this one cop that was around for my brother for some reason. i would always answer the door, and just by chance my mom was outside in the pool, in the shower, or washing her hair. i was 14 or 15, and he thought i wasnt at the door anymore. he said 'You always seem to be wet when im here" with a goofy smile.

    we live in a older house, the front door is almost 2 inches thick of solid wood and weighs a good 400lb im guessing atleast. i started going 'what the fuck did you just say??" as my mom grabbed the door, and slammed it closed.. :D the cop put his foot in the door. he yelped and started swearing... he ended up being suspended and moved off my brother. if he didnt have steel toes, im sure his foot would've been fucked up good.

    i remember hanging the door.. 4 people to move the fuckin thing..

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