Fuck You To Public Transportation

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  1. Them shits yall bitches got for buses ain't worth shit! What a fucking buzzkill, really. I'd love to slap that idiot of a driver too - hell somebody gotta compensate my violated ass, might as well be him.
  2. I shoved a fat ghetto bitch the other day on the bus.
    I'm putting in my money and she tries to push me out of the way so she can swipe her pass. Then she stands her 300lb ass in the middle of the aisle. So I made sure to accidently on purpose hit with my backpack as I was trying to get by.
    Public transports a bitch man. The buses are never on time. Most the people on them suck. You gotta walk and wait in the rain and shit.
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    Reported. And please don't make two of the same threads entity that lives under things people use to cross rivers and things. 
  4. I don't know how you are going to say fuck public transportation when it isn't the transportation that you probably have beef with but the people who use it. 
    By all means, if you are too good for public transportation don't use it. 

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