Fuck you Mark Wahlberg

Discussion in 'General' started by Full-Time Mexican, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. thats fucked up and all
    But 16 is young. We did a lot of crazy shit when we were that age
    Fucking a guy up so bad he went blind would have made me realize the error of my ways.....
    I wonder what he learned from that experience and if turned him into a better person
    One of my eye openers in life was when I kind of started a fight once and ended up getting the guy I punched first tire ironed across his skull. Man there was alot of blood the next day

  2. You ever see a movie multiple times, only seeing parts of it never finishing? Finally watched Three Kings just last night slash today, after attempting to watch it but being interrupted 2 other times. Really good. He's in that, and although I really fucking hate Marky Mark (I don't know why, he just annoys the shit out of me on screen) he's actually really good in that one.

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  3. Not gonna lie, I dig most Marky Mark movies. Lol.

    No fucks given.
  4. lol my wife rented ted2,last night. I like most of his movies
  5. I like Mark... I was an asshole in 16 too :) Who wasn't?

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