Fuck you Mark Wahlberg

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  1. Donnie is great in Blue Bloods on Friday night as well.

  2. I dunno why but i was jus thinkin bout mark whalberg last night.

    That movie with him n Denzel was hilarious!
  3. Go watch the SNL skit "Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals" it's not actually him but it is hilarious.
  4. mark wahlberg is a good actor your trippin dude
    yea man. the guy already did his time. lol. He was high on coke and other substances and attacked 2 random unrelated Vietnamese men while yelling racial slurs....that actually would be a very good Sunny in Philly episode...
    but yea. the man was an addict since 13 yrs old.  seems to have turned around these days though.
  6. I would have probably laughed while he was doing it.
  7. He does have to pay to appear on movies and tv though and when Mark Wahlberg does interviews Donnie drives the car around the block until he is done.
  8. Bumping because this thread taught me that donnie wahlberg played a retarded alien once and it was epic

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  9. I went so hard for Mark Wahlberg. what the heck
  10. Dude could light an orphanage on fire and I still wouldn't like him based solely on his acting skills. Its like watching George Clooney act.. it's the same God damn person over and over and over just in different settings. Nothing compelling. No substance. Just a brooding silent type.

    I only liked The Other Guys because Will Ferrell seriously saves the movie.

    I'm glad Mark changed his life around but he still sucks and should retire
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    I think he is a hottie lbvs.
  12. No one wants to watch marky mark make hamburgers!
  13. Mark Wahlberg > You.


  14. Fuck that, i could out act the shit out of his basic ass! Out rap him too! If we rolled... Id tap him with a fucking gogoplata just coz! Also im far more handsome imho

  15. this is the battle you choose to fight?
  16. a lot of people do dumb shit when they're young. as far as i know he already apologized for that incident a long time ago.
  17. Thanks for contributing!

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