Fuck you Mark Wahlberg

Discussion in 'General' started by Full-Time Mexican, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. I saw The Happening in theaters. Worst day of my life.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON_H3XKtME8
  3. He was 16 and you are crying about it now? What the hell? Kids do stupid things and his neigborhood was full of stupid. Maybe if you brought this up a couple of decades ago it might be relevant.
  4. Omfg, me too. They looks like the same fuckin guy.
    And this is some shit he did when he was fuckin 16 dude... He did alot of stupid, fucked up shit when he was younger, everyone knows that. It's long past though, get over it. I always liked the dude. A good friend of mine from Southie knows Donnie n met Mark a couple times.
  5. you could make this same thread about any black actor probably except for Morgan Freeman. that man can do no wrong.
  6. Well, it's all about the image. He went with the image; it's a marketing path he followed. So, yes, yes I did compare them.
    Lots of people grew up "poor and in the streets," but most of them didn't pose to look like bimbos. 
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. thug life 
  8. fresh outta the porn folder lol
  9. Youre stretching. You're just comparing dudes with abs and muscles who have similar facial features. You can try to stretch all you want but there is nothing about a 40 year old with a career that spans over 20 years in modeling, acting, and music and who as you can see from the thread, is generally respected, with a punk ass 20 year old Justin Bieber.

    Both have abs? Yes? Both has muscles? Just barely. Aside from that, nothing.

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  10. G, is mark walberg. A G.
  11. I've always preferred his role in Dreamcatcher.

    "Otch out fole ishtuh gay!"
  12. I love him. I don't care what he's done, or didn't do. I'd go straight for him! Just kidding, I wouldn't. But I will see a movie he's in, I'll totally pay the 12bucks.

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  13. Lmao... beebs will be the new MARKY MARK. heard if u call wahlberg that he seriously flips out to a rage

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  14. That was donnie wahlberg? Holy fuckin shit they picked the wrong brothrer to act

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    I saw the Village and Catwoman at a drive in while sick for my birthday. Worst birth/day of my life.
  16. he was talking about when mark was "marky mark"...hes not really talking about him past circa 1993...

    back then he was a wanna-be rapper, pushing the thug image and acting like an entitled stupid ass

    sounds like bieber, hes a singer, but trys rapping as well and just seems fake all the way around, pushes a badboy/thug image and acts like an entitled stupid ass

    on top of that they even looked a lot alike...so yeah, mark turned his life around and became a respectable success, but his start was just as bad as bieber
  17. I would still sleep with him.

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  18. Got some evidence for us op? Some proof would be appreciated-

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  19. He did do jail time for it as well didn't he?

    And just because he made a mistake doesn't mean he doesn't deserve what he has, he's a successful man that from what I can see has overcame his problems and I would imagine is apologetic and will feel awful about it.

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