Fuck you Mark Wahlberg

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhmEo-46vUQ

  2. and he made the rock run over monk's head...what a dick
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    no he'd say that he was Jason Gann so you'd doubt it, not make you think that he is by saying he is not...he is a magical being
  4. How about we keep posting more Mark Wahlberg circa 1992

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    its fuck you mark wahlberg not you fuck mark wahlberg
  6. Keep it in your pants.
  7. I'm looking at his younger pictures, and he reminds me of a Justin Bieber. With that gangsta look he's trying to pull off and the pants down on the ground. For shame. 
  8. Or Wilfred!
  9. My mind is going places.
  10. Touché.... You win this round... I think. Fuck note I'm confused. Who's Marky Mark?
    Mark's funniest role ever
  12. Some would say Ted or the Other Guys but I say the Happening.
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    Yeah fuck Mark Wahlberg
    Screw this guy
    [​IMG]Maybe have him do some of the fucking too 
  14. Did you really compare Justin Bieber to mark Wahlberg? I mean, not that being a thug is commendable but at least Mark really lived a life of crime.

    He really grew up poor and in the streets. It was his lifestyle.

    I'm sure it's not completely authentic. There's marketing and shit like that to sell records (and underwear) but he's nowhere near as annoying as Justin Bieber

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  15. my reference was from pain and gain btw...you guys should watch it if you havent its based on a true story
  16. I am sorry but mark wahlberg plays the same two characters in every movie, i went and saw the monuments men, that movie was fucking retarded, had major star power and yet all these guys are just playing the same character over and over and expecting their name to carry the movie, which it does, what a piece of shit movie, sorry for unrelated rant but his 2 characters that he does in every movie reminded me of that thought. 
  17. he was young and did some dumb shit.. im guilty of the same.. most of us are.. 
    hes changed and made good with his life.. good on him 
  18. I always used to get him mixed up with Matt Daemon who is a saint

    Omega369 :wave:
  19. yeah worse movie ive seen in 2014. So corny.
  20. I like Mark Wahlberg  :confused_2:

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