Fuck you Mark Wahlberg

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    You don't deserve life.

    When he ws 16 he attacked two dudes UNPROVOKED. Just ran up and hit a dude in the head with a heavy stick, and punched the second one so hard he PERMANENTLY BLINDED him. Wow. Fuck you marky-mark.

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  2. Just the thread title had me rolling.  I like the dude, as an actor, decent human being? that is now in question.
  3. Mark Wahlberg is fuckin awesome.
  4. He's a great actor, but he deserves dick. Fucking asshole, hope he's paying that poor blind man's way in life.

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  5. U wouldn't say that if he wopped you in the back of the skull so hard you were blind my nigga. Jussayin

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  6. He took over Transformers.

  7. Mark Wahlberg is probably in the top 3 of the sexiest man on earth.

    I hope this isn't true,

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  8. Yeah... Mark you Fucky Walberg!
    Did not know that OP. But now I'm a hypocrite because I've done shit that hurt people too. But at least I didn't make millions and get famous after......

    Fuck you Marky Mark!
  9. [​IMG]
    Im sorry did you post something?
  10. this is random as hell
  11. I know what he did before, but I don't know the whole story surrounding it.
    I have to give him the benefit of the doubt though, simply because his brother is Donnie Wahlberg, who did a fantastic part in Band of Brothers. And Band of Brothers was great. So yeah. 
  12. yeah fuck people that do things that are wrong and then apologize for them and actually turn their lives around!
    me personally, i've never done anything bad at all that has ever hurt anyone, unprovoked or not... :rolleyes:



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  14. Fuck... Now I'm going blind. Mark you! Fucky Wahlberg!
  15. Yeah looks like all that aggression makin up for a tiny packajj

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  16. Never been a fan, but I'm not going to hate the dude because he did some fucked up shit decades ago when he was barely old enough to drive a car. 
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    How about a 3-some? Ummm YUM!
  18. Wilfred has killed people.
  19. you damn right he has...and wilfred is Jason Gann, i am not Jason Gann
  20. That's EXACTLY what Jason Gann would say. 

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