Fuck You Insomnia

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  1. Anyone feel my pain?

    Fuck....can't sleep.

    Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck

  2. I ran out of weed and have been up for 4 days, i feel like im high

  3. Ouch.

    At least you made me feel better.
    I am sorry for you though.

  4. try warm milk + wanking session

    Then when u lay in bed trying to fall asleep just try not to move. arrange urself in a comfy position and see how long u can lay there without moving. If that doesnt work, try working out a lot, then showering and then warm milk and then wanking session. then lay in bed trying to fall asleep. If that doesnt work, the work out harder the next day. Good luck m8 and gnite
  5. "when you have insomnia you're never really asleep and you're never really awake." -Tyler Durden
  6. No insomnia here, but iv been awake since 2am, it is now 4:40am....arg i just wanna sleep
  7. i smiled when i read this thread, im awake now its 10am in the morning i havent seen a morning in so long about a month now and i wanna go to bed but cant i could only sleep if im drunk,high or soooooo tired like dead tired.
  8. in soviet russia, insomnia fucks you!
  9. that made me laugh
  10. I'm starting to think I have insomnia, I can't ever really get to sleep, I've never even really looked into it, just thought I was weird, but weed has actually helped with it sometimes. Depends on the strain I guess, some make me want to go out and do graffiti, and not sit around, and others help me get to sleep in under 30 mins.

    I'm a mess though, my schedual has always been fucked up (I generally get to sleep when the sun comes up, regardless of whether I have work/ school)

    The other night, I slept over at a friends place, and we went to bed at 12, and I didn't get to sleep until 7, and he woke up and woke me up at 8:30. Do you know what the fuck it feels like to stay up 7 hours doing NOTHING?!?!
  11. Think my worst is 2 and a half....
    If you dont have anything to do in the morning go get some over the counter sleep pills (melitonin i.e.)
  12. at least us insomniacs know we can hang in the military as far as the staying up mind testing awareness shit goes.
  13. I get this once in a while, it can be annoying at times. Usually happens when I know something is the next day; first day on the job/school/etc.

    What's worse is when you get a song stuck in your head.
  14. Ambien 10mg pills (aka Zolpidem Tartrate) work wonders when i know i need to sleep and i cant...

    i have chronic genetic insomnia... my dad and my grandmother have the same thing, although theirs is slightly different from mine... Mine doesn't keep me up for days or anything, but it certainly messes up my sleep schedule. it's very hard for me to sleep unless my body is completely physically exhausted... but i'll still sleep after about 30 hours without a doubt... It's sleeping normally that can sometimes suck... like being able to get up at 7:30am when i havent gone to sleep until 4 or 5 for the past idk 9 months? lol...

    back to the ambien, aside from totally fucking you up before you pass out, taking just one should knock you out for about 8 hours... be prepared to sleep for the full duration and also dont go out anywhere once you've taken one lol

    get a perscription if you can. it's good stuff to have on tap.
  15. I used to use ambien and I would hallucinate and not know what was going on so i had to stop takin that
  16. I was afflicted with Insomnia for the longest time, but I learned to adapt and control it after so long. My insomnia was based on the inability to remove certain thoughts from my mind, songs being the most prominent, and that fueled a bit of anxiety, which thus kept me awake. There are thousands of solutions, really, most of them being temporary... most insomniacs know that if you can deal with a hangover in the morning, then you are well on your way to a good night's sleep.

    My record is five and a half days... which isn't a pleasant sleep to sink into afterwords. Feels like you're going into a paralytic coma.

  17. 5 and half days is harsh, bet you felt like the walking dead. Hope you don't have to resort to anything dealing with sleep other than weed.
  18. well yea, that's half the fun lol... it's like... you take the pill, trip out for a while then when you sleep it feels sooooooooooo gooooooooooood lol...

    those are some of the deepest sleeps i've had, aside from when i sleep with a chick. they always make me feel super relaxed and i sleep so easily haha.
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    I used to take Seroquel to help me sleep (fuck Seroquel), before that I had some scripted sleep aid that was just like a more powerful Diphenhydramine that didn't make you feel like shit if you tried to abuse it and you didn't wake up all groggy the next morning feeling weak and without energy. One of the things I'm scripted Klonopin for right now is to help with sleeping at night, that is actually when I take my highest dose (0.5mg morning, 0.5mg lunch, 1mg night)... but it doesn't really do anything for me, not even what it used to do in terms of my anxiety; I just feel dragged out and tired all day if I take my Klonopin daily.

    I'm just back to using cannabis as a sleep-aid and it's, as expected, working astonishingly. I love hitting the bowl just before you close your eyes and hitting it again as soon as they open again the next morning.

    Hmm... I can't blame me being awake all night this time on insomnia like I sometimes have the benefit of blaming. This time it's my own fault... Adderall hehe. I'm not complaining, though; never planned on sleeping. About to go dose 40mg more sometime soon to start the day. May end up going to the family's cottage with my dad and spend a couple days golfing and smoking Js.

    All I know is I have, for once, taken care of all of my responsabilities for the next few days and I have a decent amount of candy and bud on me to have a very good time :wave:

    So no cares in the world right now, plenty of mind-altering substances, and one mindset looking for both enlightenment and an escape from myself for a few days. Let's get started!

  20. I usually avoid the more extreme methods, but at that point I really don't have much of a choice. In most countries, you're considered legally insane and unable to make reasonable decisions after seven days without sleep.

    Not something to look forward to every time you realize you can't fall asleep.


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