Fuck You Elllen!

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    damn do I got a fuckn story
    Alright here it goes
    (8 pm)So this girl Stevie came 2 pick me up so we could party it up and smoke some weed and she had 50 bucks, So we went 2 my grandmas 2 get some money and I got her card. We took off to the bank and got 40 bucks, went back 2 my grandmas 2 give her card back.
    So I'm the only one how knows where I'm sort of going, So we head off in the backroads to Holton, but we end up in circleville about 10 miles from holton, so I'm going bout 50 on the backroads and decide to go 2 the k-rez about 30 miles from holton and on the way we about skid off the road and scared the shit out of her sister. So I slowed it down a bit and make it 2 ellens house 2 hit her up for weed, (now this bitch wanted to be with me a week before and we was all kissing on eachother then the next week she doesn't even give me the time of day)

    (10 pm) Anyway we make it there so we chilled at her place for awhile drank some KD and bud light. She calls up some people for weed and we hop into the car and make it Horton (20miles from k-rez)and she said she would be right back with the weed.

    (12 am) So we waited for 5min and we see this mexican dude and he had a gun in his back pocket and we withdrawed it, so we was all like "shit this ***** is goin to shoot someone, and then some other fat mexican comes out the car and takes off his shirt throws it on the ground, 2 secs later picks it up and puts it on. then that dude with the gun comes running out and gets in the car and takes off. Well Stevie's sis has to piss so I drive down the block 2 a gas station, while stevie went 2 go look for ellen. We come back and waited for awhile so I decide 2 go check on ellen.

    (1230 am) I walk up to the apartments and see a party going on and see my *****'s there, so I talked 2 them and ellen comes out the door all fucking drunk so I asked her wheres the weed, and she ignored me and walked back in, so I talked 2 dem *****'s telling them we been waiting for 30min for weed, and they told me that ellen didn't even ask them. So I drank some brandy while I was there and went back to the car and tell stevie, so shes all pissed that we wasted all that timefor nothing, so we take off and start heading home.

    (1 am) Well I'm pissed as fuck and going like 40 in the residential area and we hit this big fucking indent in the road and the front end goes up in the air and stevie's sis's dog go flying out the window(we didnt relize till later), we was all fucking freaked out that we almost totaled the front end of the car. we find a highway and start heading home but this bitch has to piss again so we stop at a gas station, and relize that the fucking dog is gone and we have to go all the way back to horton which was alright since I took the wrong fucking highway.

    ( 2 am) takes like an hour 2 find the lil motherfucker and we head off again this time on the right way. but we still couldnt find the right highway back so we go back to k-rez to our school so I can find the fucking bus route home.

    ( 3 am) circles around awhile to find the bus route but its fucking dark and I'm tired as fuck of driving and listening to the same cd. we find the highway home. but my dumb ass starting going north when we was suppose to go south and I was driving for like 20min north till we realized that we never passed the casino, so we turn the fuck around and start heading south. well I was going about 85 since I just want 2 get the fuck home and we fucking hit something so I stop and looked back and I just hit a fucking wolf, now the front of the car is all fucked up and blood everywhere, I said fuck it and start driving again, and wouldnt you fucking know it I hit something else, and again it's another fucking wolf. So I'm fucking get really pissed off right about now, and just keep on going, now this is the part that really pissed me off that bitch needs to use the damn toilet again and the dog just shit in the car.

    (4 am) we make it to fucking holton hopeing that stevie's dad didnt call the cops since she the one who took is car. we drop her sis off and start driving to my place. Stop by my homie d-robs house to see if was awake, but nope, so i go down the street to talk to me other homie. I tell him the whole fucking story and ask where d-rob is, he told me he got kicked out of state so now I'm fucking sad, pissed, tired, and just wanting some weed.

    (5 am) arrive home finally and so me and stevie just sit there, then burst into laughter, lean over and give her a kiss, get out the car and go inside.

    ALL THAT FOR FUCKING NO WEED, at least I had fun and have a story to tell when I go back to school.

    FUCK YOU ELLEN!:mad:
  2. \

    So let me get this straight, you gave someone money to get you weed; they make off with your cash and you see them later at a party and do nothing about it despite the fact that they obviously jacked you?

    Then you proceeded to drive around running over the local wildlife and fucking up someone else's car, after which you don't really give a shit despite worrying that said car owner's father may have called the police?

    Kids these days.....

  3. mother fucker this haad me laughin lol so fuckin funny...

  4. WTF the dog fell out of the car and you just went back an hour later and picked it up? :eek:
  5. Wtf dude, your reckless. You hit 2 wolves ?? Your car would be destroyed and youd probably be dead. Also get a new weed connect ive never had to drive a half hour to get weed and not end up getting it because the bitch was to drunk and stupid. And you were driving your friends little sister around while doing this all?? Your an imbecile.
  6. Lol where you from kid? The mean streats of south texas?
  7. man i live with my grandma and i dont even do that...
  8. hahaha, the two wolves thing had me laughin so much.. hahaha funny story

    word of advice, dont drink and drive
  9. You're dumb.
  10. I stopped reading when you said you drove 20 miles for weed....wtf!
  11. i stopped when you hit the wolf man... wtf! why would you hit such beast animals? were you hit as a child?

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