Fuck you bono!

Discussion in 'General' started by j-mf-s, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. you're so full of shit :mad:
  2. Um Ok. Care to explain?
  3. south park ;)
  4. OK he acts like an environmentalist, yet he is really rich and really famous.

    How is he "full of shit"? He does a bunch of concerts for charity. I don't like U2 at all, but why is he full of shit?
  5. It's South Park.
  6. No, he IS shit! :D
  7. "You've got money, a jet, a hot wife, the biggest band in the world... At some point, can't you just... You know, fuck off?"

  8. hahah that had me lmao
  9. That episode was hilarious, it reminded me of the first time I got a tattoo and some like 14 year old boy took a shit in the toilet and it was like a foot long, all the guys in the shop went and saw it, took a picture of it and called it mr. hankey :p

    Guys and their poo...
  10. It's important, what can I say? :rolleyes: Women.
  11. haha, I guess I'll never know. Oh well I still thought the episode was hilarious, all my friends are guys so I heard dumb shit like that all the time :p
  12. I really liked the new episode. They owned Bono hard! :hello:
  13. beat me to it

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