Fuck you and your couch

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I lost my clothes. IM NAKED!


    dude anyone else with the dreadlockeries fucking HATE the way they feel on your shoulders? Some damn horse hair.

    My head thinks its gonna explode soon, shits nice and over-hung.

  2. i wish the way dreads felt on my shoulders were 1 of my problems...
  3. My day is kinda stressfull. im trying to find on the web about THC tolerance. I smoked everyday since last wednesday. But only really small amounts. like .5g each day. do you think i can still get real high if i smoke on friday and saturday?

  4. Yeah dude, you definitely get high still. BUT, if youre that concerned just smoke less until friday :)
  5. Yoooo, I just had SUPER EXERCORIST vomit!

    I took a huge hit off the bong, and blew it out. Then I started hacking like crazy and it just PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW SPLAT.

    Heh, Im chllin though.

    Smoking weed when youre hung over really DOES makes you feel better.
  6. my day was stressful school was killer like a motherfucker and i'm dry so i have like... no weed... at all... this week is gonna be rough.
  7. Shit feels wierd as hell. I bet this is what black folk feel like when they have long hair.
  8. pretty good. Haven't smoked today though but i am hanging with my favorite person
  9. Palmela Handerson eh?
  10. No job, No Money, Seems like there is no hope.
  11. Yo fuck joo couch *****! :cool:
  12. HAHAHA thank you for the laugh.

    and no Rosie Palm.
  13. Hairy Palmer
  14. bout to smoke for the first time in a month!!:bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin:

    days gettin better

  15. Spamela Hamderson?
  16. to sum up my whole day in one sentence
    innocent british girls are HILARIOUS on opium :p lol

  17. Oh yeah. That nanners dancin yo!:smoking:

    EDIT: Gaay the nanner dont dance unless you click the picture!

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  18. haha you sound like you're trippin pretty bad.
    my issue is not with my hair, but with my bud. i'm almost out :(
    and broke.
    glad you're having fun tho!
  19. I hate sleepin on my dreads...

    Feels like hay. :mad:

    Usually I just throw them up in a pair of pantyhose while I sleep, though.

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