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Fuck you AMD, seriously. (S1G1 vs S1G2 & AMD thermal rant)

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by FalconFour, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. rantmode ON

    Fuck AMD. Fuck AMD hard. Fuck AMD deciding to constantly screw with us, calling a socket the same thing (AM2, AM3, S1, S1G2, etc), with the same pin configuration but different chip compatibility. Seriously. Fuck that shit.

    Just spent half an hour tearing apart 2 laptops to try swapping their CPUs because the HP laptop has WAY TOO HOT a CPU for its poor thermal system to manage... absolutely piss-poor heatpipe design causes the CPU to get up to 80-85 C under load, fan roaring full blast but pumping out barely-warm air. Got a laptop with a significantly "cooler" CPU, a Socket 1 (S1G1) chip, TK-55, that would work fine in it.

    I swap CPUs, screw the heatsink down, and power on the laptop with the S1G2 (RM-72) in it. brrrrruuuuuguhhhhh... it just kinda acts like I stuck a screwdriver in a power outlet. Turns on, powers off. Turns on again, power/charge/AC lights all light dimly... yank the battery to turn it off again.

    WTF, AMD? If the fucking chip isn't compatible then why the fuck does it fit in the socket? No, scratch that. WTF, AMD? Why the fuck would you make a chip so stupidly hot that it can't even keep itself cool? Why can AMD never get cooling right?

    I hate AMD.

    rantmode OFF.
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    ouch...reminds me of my many (2) fun times with biostar motherboards

    the S1G2 is backwards compatible with S1G1 processors, it should have worked no problem...

    I personally <3 AMD...but Ive never touched any of their mobile processors =P reminds me of sony..they make great electronics...but absolute shit speakers

    Edit: found the problem, the TK-55 is an S1...not an S1G1 god damn they make it so similar..they need to do a much better job of naming their shit
  3. Wait.

    You mean there's a difference between S1G1, S1G2, AND "S1"?! o_O

    I tried putting another S1G1 (or is it "S1"? *headdesk*) CPU in the S1G2 board (never tried the TK-55 in the RM-72's board, since the RM-72 wouldn't work in the TK-55's board anyway), and it still didn't work. Only the original CPU worked in each board. Pisses me right off... but I did manage to get the original RM-72 system (an HP dv4) to cool better by better "concentrating" the cooling air through the heat sink with tape... it had a lot of gaps where air was escaping around the heatsink, such a shitty design.
  4. I'm an Intel fanboy. What can I say. I saw Intel demo a dozen new technologies at CES; their space was fucking huge. Couldn't even find AMD; probably because they didn't have much to offer.
  5. Never had that trouble with an Intel product, Although Intel does the same thing. Just not as bad.

  6. Exactly... it can be frustrating that a mobile 478-pin CPU would just barely not fit in the socket by just ONE fucking pin, but at least Intel had the decency to rearrange the key pins to ensure plug-n-play functionality. At least if the chip fits with Intel, there's a good 90% chance that the system will actually work! AMD is a total crapshoot... take a CPU, take a board, and there's about a 33% chance that the random combination will work. Makes parts-hunting a total bitch.
  7. Meh not a good enough rant, i still love amd.

    You probably understand that the different chips have different features ie embedded mem controller for ddr3:confused:. Isnt HP to blame for poor heatpipe design? Dont they engineer the laptop cooling or does AMD?

    Intel is a great company but their performace/cost isnt worth it to me. AMD always produces a chip that is about as good as the Intel chip but at bottom dollar.

    Plus mobile platforms suck anyways:D;). So much engineering they do on mobile just to make everything fit, sometimes looks get in the way of function.

    Why did you get amd in the first place?
  8. Those are my initials. Thats why I clicked on this thread hahahah...
    But seriously, I'm offended:(

  9. Different features? Then why the fuck did AMD design it to fit in the same socket as the last generation if it's not compatible?! Answer me that... :p

    As for cooling, yeah, that's HP's problem. I could think up a better thermal solution in about 30 seconds, why couldn't they think of it when they designed it? In that case it was almost as if HP was out to screw over AMD.

    Yeah, Intel is a little more expensive, although at the consumer-end of things (e.g. in laptops) you can't really see the difference. You basically get a "cheap laptop" or you get an "expensive laptop" ;)

    You really think I would? Heck no, I've only ever bought ONE laptop brand new, that's the one I'm using now. I build and repair PCs, almost exclusively from reclaimed/recycled parts. AMD just gives me so much shit from their shortsighted CPU designs... drives me nuts. :(
  10. Its probably to help the consumer, say if he wanted to upgrade from a AM2+ to am3 cpu. AM2+ motherboards are compatible with am3's so theres no need to buy a new motherboard. Although am2 motherboards are not compatible with am3's. Its kinda weird but in the end it helps the DIY dude save a buck.

    I also fix pc's on the side, mostly its virus problems for me tho, sometimes i get hardware jobs which i like doing better. Less work same money :)

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