Fuck yeah Del Potro fuck yeah!

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Starsky, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Del Potro just beat that cock sucker Federer in a 5 set match to win the U.S. Open, if anyone watches tennis...shit was intense. I'm so happy for the guy.
  2. Me too! Del Potro deserved it. They both played great tennis, but it is good to see the greatest FINALLY GO DOWN!! Del Potro has the biggest fucking forehand it is insane!!
  3. He really does, he was just punishing the ball. I loved when he was taking some off his serve for awhile then out of nowhere just hammered it at like 130 and cocksucker Federer was just like "shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"
  4. What a match. I'm so glad Del Potro won, Federer needs to be slowed down ha.
  5. So much crazy stuff happened at this match. When someone in the audience calling, "Fault!" on Del Potro's serve, Federer getting confused/mad because he thought it was the linesmen then challenges the call, and it WAS OUT, then Del Potro getting mad because Federer challenged after such a long time. The linesman/chair umps in this whole tournament have been making TERRIBLE CALLS, either that or the player challenges have been really lucky. I wish I would've been there.
  6. Federer is an amazing tennis player, but I hate watching him win all the time. This match had it all, Federer bitching, choking and losing in the end! I hope Del Potro has a long successful career because this is just the beginning!
  7. I was busy, watched all the lead to matches! Cant believe Fedd lost, its nice to see someone else win, but he truely is one of a kind!
  8. del potro is impressive. i saw da game he played against nadal also and hes excellent. and the fact that he beat federer also shows that hes one of the best. he beat them both in the same tournament. maybe now all the titles will be held by federer nadal and del potro lol.

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