Fuck ya finnaly..

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, May 12, 2006.

  1. ..finnaly .. its the time of year where our english class writes a persusaive essay..

    and mines gonna be on legalizing pot =D hell ya its gonan be funn .. and some chicks doin it on why it should be illegal ( and i was like wtf wy would u want it illegal ) and teacher said i could go against her =D gonna be fuckin tight cause ima woop her ass in this debate =D

    if anyone has some info bookmarked that might help me id appricate it but im not askin u to do my research for me ;p (probly use erowid for everything.. and norml .. any other good sites perhaps?)
  2. I think you should expose how EVERY anti drug website has as a unique info source the NIDA.
    And then disprove the NIDA's info with real info.
  3. i have done it before. Fall quarter i did a speech about it all. I used a lot of info from GC, erowid, and norml. i also ripped apart freevibe and all those places too

    just use your best interest for what to use. there is so much information out there to expose i couldnt even use it ALL in my speech(damn time limits)
  4. Write a good one and beat that opposing bitch!

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