fuck wasted half a blunt!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by married2mj, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. I was on an L ride when I get pulled off for putting the blunt down while driving. so i put the blunt out and ate it while getting pulled over.
    in a dooshy voice i say "whyd you pull me over, i didnt do anything." turns out he thought me putting the blunt down was me putting my cell phone down. i show him my recent calls and hes just like "okay sorry for the misunderstanding, you can go"

    im thinking wtf, how did my car not smell, and what a waste of eating a blunt, damn that tasted nasty!
  2. :yummy: lmfao!
  3. i would vomit profusely
  4. thats fuckin hilarious man i had a similar thing happen to me once me and this girl i knew were on our way home on the highway and i was really speeding too much and we were smoking a blunt and i see the blue lights flash up she ate the blunt and i threw some blunt roaches under the floormat in the back and when he got to the window he diddent say shit about weed just wanted to give me a ticket as soon as he saw my radar dector he was set on writing me up, i guess thats just a state cop for ya...
  5. Man that sucks last night I was drunk and had a blunt on my ear. Somewhere it fell and I lost the blunt.

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