fuck vista.....need help

Discussion in 'General' started by thatcrazydude, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. i just got a new laptop and vista seems to be pretty much taking a shit on the whole thing.....all this rnadom useless bullshit and its constantly updating itself which is a pain in the ass, is there anyone here with expirience with this OS and how to make it as least shitty as possible?
  2. i have been using vista for a while and love it. google vista lite or how to strip down vista . shit like that, i know theres guides on how to stop all the bullshit that vista does in the back ground.
    is your computer slow ? it could be a issue with its specs
  3. Best fix for vista is to get rid of it. You can strip it down and stop a bunch of it's applications but most of them you can't. Vista is garbage. It eats up too much memory and is too dependant on your processor. Get XP....I can mail you a non-keyed copy on the dl..If your interested lemme know..
  4. install ubuntu 8.04 instead.

    Its free and its stable.

    Fuck microsoft.

  5. Yess what he said if you dont have a vary high end pc than stick with XP
  6. I assume you're talking about the access control (asks if you really want to do yadda yadda yadda). Go into control panel and turn it off, I'm betting it will solve most of your issues.

    Full disclosure, I use OSX.. although I dual boot Vista and previous box was XP SP3
  7. I first met Vista when it was new and sucked. I finally just upgraded back to XP. Bought a new PC recently and discovered it was no longer available, had to take Vista. It still sucks.
  8. haha its not the command boxes, i dont mind those to much, it just seems to be running a whole lot of useless shit and it came with so much random ass bullshit on it thanks for the links, and about the xp, well ill have to pm you about that one

    edit: wtf are specs
  9. get yourself a mac and be done with it ;)

    just uninstall all that gay pointless shit they put on it from the store (ie all those demos)

    then do a disk defrag on it to make it run a little smoother.

    other than that, you can go to the settings and turn off the auto update if you want, i wouldnt recommend it though, you need most of them.

  10. I run a dual 2.8 quad core mac.. if you want to remove all the bs (not sure if you're talking about the manufacture extra trial programs) just goto control panel and remove them... don't turn off hyperfetching and if you want to improve gaming perforamnce no tweaks will help you. You'll need better hardware.
  11. yea ive got most of the demo shit unistalled and deleted and such, i think this computer was kinda geared tward games n such, but vista sucks, i havent really tried to play any games on it yet, most of them id prefer to have a mouse for and i havent gotten around to buying a new one, but i did just put need for speed most wanted on here maybe ill give that a spin
  12. Well, kinda shocked you didn't get a mouse. But, I use a copperhead Gaming mouse (8 buttons) and it works great. If you feel the need for a better machine though... Mac's store is always open :cool:
  13. yea my dad bought the computer for me, and i figured i could use one of the old mouses in my house.....but they were all far to old and it doesnt have the right connector slot thing so i gotta get a new one for a usb port or what ever the fuck will work
  14. upon further inspection this shit all seems to effin complicated i dont want to royally fuck up this computer so i guess ill jsut go about deleting the excessive amount of programs that seem useless to me and maybe even switching it back to xp if that chance comes up
  15. Hey, good luck if you do. It' will speed up the comp just make sure you do a full format and download the new drivers for xp.

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