Fuck travelling, fuck a vacation

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  1. I enjoy my job. I enjoy what I do and I don't need a break from it.

    I am surrounded by people who "NEED" to go on a vacation twice a year. "NEED" to travel.

    My cousin, for example: Claims she needs financial help, gets it and literally fucks off on another vacation 2 months later. I don't get it.

    My Parents, after much debate, have gone ahead, without my consent and have bought the vacation tickets already, saying "You can just pay us back later," to which my response was "Even if these tickets were a gift, I would still not accept them," because I'm proud? No.. Because I know, the second I take a vacation, my immediate response is to want to go on another one. And another. And then, "Oh, let's go travelling!" Fuck all this noise. This, is literally the one reason I don't have a consistent woman in my life, because you fucking know, you fucking know... You fucking know.

    I can't do it. I think travelling, vacationing is the most retarded waste of money ever.. The only vacation i'll ever need is buying a bag of weed and chilling on my sofa, which I don't ever get to do anymore.

    Am I fucked? Will anyone else concede with me that vacationing/travelling is just fucking dumb? I could afford go to on a 2 month vacation right now if I wanted to, but its like getting a tattoo, the second I start, I know I won't stop.
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  2. I don't understand people who go on vacation more than twice a year either. I definitely can't afford it. Although, if I had PTO and could get vacation, I absolutely would enjoy my vacation twice a year, but no more than that. I think twice a year is fine, but personally, I only take vacation once a year, sometimes I even skip out on vacation.

    I don't hate my job, but I don't enjoy it either. So getting away is quite refreshing. Even if I don't leave town, just having a week off is nice. Although again, like I said, I don't take time off but once a year, and like I said, sometimes I'll even skip that.

    But yeah, people who complain about being broke but taking vacations all the time. Well gee, I wonder why you're broke. Vacations aren't exactly cheap. But I do love them. If I had more money, I probably would.

    I love going out to see new places and I love trying new food restaurants and just seeing new things. Sometimes the same old same old gets boring and dull....
  3. I hear what your saying.. I think taking a vacation would be nice as well.. Too nice. Nice enough, that I would immediately consider my next one, right after finishing my last.
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  4. So you're gonna trash talk travelling and vacations because you know deep down it's awesome and you'd want to do it more?

    getting stoned on the couch is awesome and all but it gets boring eventually. I love travelling and getting stoned in new places. Exploring new places is a high in itself too. The people I meet travelling end up becoming better friends than the ones I made at home sometimes. Life is really short and my 40 hour a week job is sucking out my soul. What might I ask is your regular job that you enjoy it more than a vacation?
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  5. Exactly, if I take too much time off, it completely slips me out of "the groove." And then getting back into it sucks. But the whole week of vacation time is worth it sometimes. Your wallet is thinner, but sometimes experiences make up for that.

    Some people get a taste of vacation and are unable to stop wanting to go back. But I'm not like that. I have self-control and I'm not stupid, I knew if I did that I'd be broke af.

    I agree with this, exploring new places is awesome, and yes, it would be GREAT if you could take vacation much more frequently, but the real world is that a lot of people cannot afford to take vacation frequently like that. It's nice to get out of the same old same old, driving the same streets, seeing the same restaurants and stores, and just having a change of pace and scenery and being able to relax and do what YOU want to do for a week straight or longer, but the fact is this impacts your wallet quite negatively and isn't very realistic unless you've got some amazing job with amazing benefits and pay.

    So I feel unless you can afford it, it's pretty unwise to take vacation time for a week or longer more than twice a year (unless your vacation is just staying at home, that's a lot less expensive). But that's me. We all have different situations.
  6. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”
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  7. I never said I wasn't an ignorant cunt.
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  8. I've seen it all now....people arguing over rather or not too take a vacation....lol there's nothing left here
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  9. You remind me of my brother. He dosnt take "vacations" he's to "busy" working all the time. He's got money and all, but he just works all the time
    We are eight years apart but we probably look 20 years apart
    Working all the time took a toll on him and now he looks old plus he has health problems
    Because he thought vacations are dumb to and couldn't understand why in the world would someone take a vacation lol

    But what exactly makes a vacation any different from a day off from work or a day trip or a trip to the next town or the beach
    Vacation is just a label. The first thing I think of with vacation is have to spend all this money or a cruise or a trip somewhere exotic lol
  10. Very true. Nice work on the self deprecation.
  11. Why not just get a job that requires you to travel?
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  12. Propably not as simple as you make it sound...
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  13. Well to be fair I was pretty toasted when I posted that tbh lmao
  14. I agree I haven't been on a vacation in 4 years it'd cost me £1000+ I'd rather spend £200 on an oz of weed and take 2 weeks off smoking myself silly and eating like a king :smoke:
  15. To each their own. Some of the best times of my life have been traveling and seeing different parts of the world and country, a lot more interesting than just smoking a bowl on my couch, I do that most days of the year.
  16. I hear this all the time and when I retort, "Why?, What made it a great experience?" Nobody can tell me why, "It just was!". What made it one of the best times of your life?

    I mean like, I live in one of the greatest countries in the world, where there is no war, poverty is escapable and healthcare is free.

    Then, the other day, I watched shit show and was like fuck this noise!

    They chop your head off for sucking dick!!! I mean, I don't suck dick, but If I was gonna travel, i'd like to engage in doing some crazy shit at minimum..
  17. I could use a beach style vacation right about now.
  18. See, but this is what I am saying, rather than taking a vacation, why not ask yourself "What in my life is making me feel like I need a vacation?" and try addressing that instead?
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  19. I've been working my ass off since the previous March. I was also sick for quite a bit of it.
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  20. First off, less discuss the difference between going on vacation and traveling.

    Going on vacation is about taking a break from stress, escaping life. Most people don't live an interesting or amazing life. They are just average people that are trying to get by. Most are overworked and don't love their jobs. Many live in parts of the world that have bad weather. Especially in winter. A lot of people in the western world need a vacation to keep their sanity. It's something to look forward to.

    Travelling is about something much greater. It's about learning about new cultures. About learning about yourself. It's about improving your social skills. Learning a new language. It's about meeting new people that have had different life experiences, have different perspectives. It's about having lots of sex with random women with sexy accents.

    A vacation is when you go on a cruise ship and drink margaritas all day. Traveling is when you go by yourself to a country that is outside your comfort zone. You stay in a hostel (shared living accommodations).

    What makes travelling the best experience possible? The list is near endless. Every place is different so everything is new and exciting. Different foods, different climates, different demographics, different geography. different activities, etc. It's impossible to get bored unless you are a boring person.
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