Fuck tracfone (Rant warning)

Discussion in 'General' started by Indi420, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Heres my deal with this company. I have a tracfone with 600 mins on it and 134 service days and i try to make a call today and it says im out of minutes. I can't make or take calls.
    So I call them on a different phone for customer service and they tell me my phone has been deactivated and the only way I can use the 600 mins i paid for is to buy MORE MINUTES when I have fucking 134 days left on my minutes.

    I'm pissed. So I ask for the manager and shes telling me in broken english just scripted shit over and over. Telling me I have to pay for more time. So Now i'm really pissed. I start asking why is my phone deactivated and why can't I make these calls. It never said anywhere "oh when you get to half your minutes we turn your phone off and make you buy more" fucking scammers man.

    So then I just tell them I'm with a tech magazine and were doing a customer service article so then she gets all super nice to me and tells me they are going to fix the issue right away and I have to enter these big ass 12 digit codes for another hour. Then they told me my phone will be working in 1 hour. So 2 hours later my phone is not working and I'm fucking pissed and having to do ALL this shit over again.

    Once these minutes are gone i'll NEVER use tracfone or NET10 again.

    Oh and I just got off the phone with them for the THIRD time and they are doing the I have to buy more minutes again when I have 134 days left on my current minutes.

    Bullshit right thur. I'm out 80$ cause of these fucks and then not to mention the cost I'm going to have to pay to buy a new phone under a new provider.
  2. Consumerist.com is what you're looking for.

    Write it up in a compelling way and they might post it. Those guys get results.

    Sorry to hear you got shafted though. That sucks :-/
  3. damn tracfone reminds me of 8th grade

  4. Meh I don't like cell plans. I don't use it enough.

    I'm sketchy like that:cool:

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