Fuck this guy

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  1. welcome to america
  2. I got pulled over on I-70 in Illinois for "weaving" driving a U-haul and stoned. The cop did this exact "I'm gonna let you off with a warning....ohhhh by the way, got any bombs, drugs or dead bodies in back" thing. I laughed a bit and said no. I was focusing on being calm and centered because the pack of smokes on the dash had a couple pre-rolled j's in it and there were at least half a dozen pieces of contraband in the back...He just told me to drive safe and take a break if I get tired.
  3. Fuck that guy.
  4. first saw this video when it came out, theres a link on the vidoes page that tells you most drug dogs are trained to altert the cops at certain points at the car, making it seem like there drugs in the car, when the dog is trained to altert them when they approach the spot on the car.

    corruption at its finest
  5. He threw in every trick in the book to be able to search the vehicle. "the wind is blowing this way so that means any smell would go to the front" who the fuck does he think he is? Just makes you scared to even drive
  6. wow that is crap, I have had a cop be like "that looks like maraijuana crumbs and shake in your pocket" when there was nothing at all like that it is complete crap.

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