Fuck them popo!!!

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  1. Hahaha, seen it before, but it still amazes me. He could have gone on longer if he hugged the wall so the cop couldn't come in on that one side. When the cop would make his attempt at the other side, he would have the whole street to do the 360, and not spin into the wall.
  2. Damn hes got skills!

    Yesterday I went up with a friend to pasadena, NEVER EVER have I seen so many cops. Were driving there and we pass 1 cruiser (who followed us for a while), up the street a motorcycle cop was giving a ticket. We went to Carls Jr where across the street another moto cop was ticketing someone, 2 cops were in carls gettin food. As we come out that moto cop was back in his "spot" waiting. We eat our food at the community college campus, and when we come back out that moto cop caught another dude. So we drive home, and at one intersection there 1 moto cop givin a ticket, 1 on the adjacent street, and one in the center divider. On the drive home we saw 2 more cruisers. This was in ONE city, same district. Those pigs were catching up on their end of the month quotas. Bastards
  3. shit man thats crazy
  4. the dude should have stolen a GT not a v6, then he might have had a chance of gettin away. good driving tho.
  5. haha dude that was fuckin gangster, to bad he didnt actually get away that woulda been alot sicker
  6. lol i really wasnt that impressed with it

    sure it was cool and all but just didnt wow me that much. cops are idiots and i think the average simpleton can out mavneuver/get away from them
  7. Yeah the popo has really been flooding the North East part of L.A. A few weeks ago i was heading to a party with my homegirl and when i was waiting for her i saw 3 cop cars with in a few minutes. When she arrived i told her that i noticed there was a bunch of cops, so we decided to count and see how many we see on the way over to the party. Final count.... 13! 13 motherfucking cops within less than 2 hours!!! Thats quite a change, considering my part use to only have about 2 cops that roamed the vecinity.
  8. I saw that a while back, my friend can do that shit on purpose going down some of backroads we run dope down doing about 95mph.

    PS:My friends driving scares the shit outta me, and i can handle 150mph+!
  9. i'm impressed
  10. haha i have a friend who has a 400whp eclipse GST. we were flying down this road by my neighborhood one day. his tires were spinning halfway through 4th gear, damn FWD's. we flew by a cop, and he didnt even bother coming after us, as we were allready going about 90 and he just pulled out of a parking lot. seeing and being in a chase can be fun, just not when youre the driver because you know its going to be your ass if you get caught.
  11. spinning wheels at 90mph isnt exactly the safest thing in the world :p
  12. I dunno about 90. At the beginning, he's going as fast as that truck. Doesn't really seem like he's trying to get away. Im sure his car (looks like a mustang) could hit at least 120-130. He's just showing off. :rolleyes:

    It's also odd how the road is completely clear except for very beginning. :confused:
  13. i can be in Tims laser doing 100-110 and dorp it lower and spin the tires, i can go through every gear in that car and max speed and spin the wheels, its just soooooo light and has SOOOOOOOO much power!
  14. i was talking to talon, motion haha

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