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fuck the system

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by andyboy420, May 27, 2010.

  1. So the other day when I came home from school my mom called the cops on me for smoking weed. They found my bongs, my pipe, and the 2 ounces of bud in my room. with cops inspecting it. Since I havn't been able to find my own place I still live with my mom. Of course the Houston police are dicks so they took me in, booked me and I had to spend the night in jail. About five weeks ago my best friend got beat up by her dad (she's still 17 and considered a minor) she had 2 black eyes, a bloody nose and a fractured rib. when it happened I took her to the police station to try to get her dad arrested but they didn't do SHIT about it. It astonishes me that they could arrest me for possessing a plant but not arrest someone for beating the shit out of a child
  2. I'm sorry about your situation man. You definitely have my's disgusting what happened, but I'm not surprised. I don't understand why your mom would do that to you though?

  3. when you take on a lifestyle(smoking) you must be aware of all the technically its your fault just be happy that our punishment was that for your bestfriend its her responsibility to find her way out that situation whether to call social services for abuse..or the local police station.
    Since you've been arrested for possession and paraphernalia maybe even intent to distribute my advice is stay out of trouble for awhile. Can't be a Hero and a Criminal at the same time...
  4. Fuck your mom :)

    (no not literally... )
  5. You got boned hard man...That truly does suck.

    So let's try to think of some proactive solutions to your situation. Here's a few questions:

    Are you a legal adult?
    Did the cops have CONSENT to search your house/room?
    When arrested did you exercise your RIGHT to remain silent? (Please tell me you didn't admit ANY guilt whatsoever.)
    What, if anything, did you say to the cops when they showed up, searched your room, etc?

    Because if you were smart, you would have said nothing...or at least *acted* a little outraged when they found the stash that your *mother planted in your room without your knowledge!*
    ...afterall, it's HER house. So it must be HER chronic...

    Now for another approach that's a little less...vengeful, You could confront your mom about why she felt the need to involve the police when a simple sit-down talk would have sufficed. (At least that's what I'd be wondering) Then you apologize for doing drugs under her roof without her permission, tell her you had "an eye-opening experience in jail" blah blah blah, and thank her for her intervention. IN FACT, you're so grateful that you took the time to bake her a *special* batch of brownies. ^_^

    Split the batch with her, wait about 30 minutes, then the REAL conversation begins...
  6. I really don't see why parents. Yes your loving parents that are supposed to love you and all would call the cops on you and have you arrested,thrown in jail,fees strapped on,and so much other shit just because they found marijuana.
  7. do you have to go to court :confused:
  8. I live in Austin, and no offense to you, but FUCK houston all ive ever heard about that city is complete shit. It sucks that your mom handled it like that, thats really excessive when a sit down talk really would have been the best approach, id set yourself some goals and a saving plan for the next year that way when the time comes you are financially set to move into your own place. And im assuming you'll probably be on some probation program for whatever amount of time so while youre not spendin your money on bud save it for when you can that way when youre on your own and off probation you'll have a nice cash flow for new pieces/bud and a fresh start since your tolerance will be shit. Look at it as an opportunity to grow independently and plan instead of staying bitter and letting it hold you down. If you spend 60-80 a month on bud(about a gram a week or so) and you saved it for a year thats 720-960 dollars reserve that you can spend on bud or pieces when you move out/get off probation.
  9. Dude. You know weed is illegal. It sounds like you had quite the collection, not very well hidden. If you know your mom doesn't approve, why did you have so much if she lets you live with her.
    If it's not time for you to move out, it is time to respect her rules.

    It sounds like you have a lot of maturing to do.

    As for your friend, it sounds like you did the right thing there, and I am sorry to hear about her predicament.
  10. My mom used to be perfectly fine with me smoking. idk what happened on that -perticualar day but she just freaked out and called the cops. your right about not hiding it well just got lazy i guess
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    wow not even a nod to the obvious injustice of either situation? cant say ive ever seen such a lack of basic human compassion. do you have any idea what that girl must be going through? i mean that is just horrific. you must be a pretty popular guy huh?

    edit: wow i just read your response again and i'm even more disgusted. obviously the local police department has already been contacted and did nothing about his friend... and how can you call this guy a criminal and say he got let off easy? do you even smoke weed?

    great points and great idea hahah. so, what did you say if anything andy? sorry about that whole situation man. fuck the drug war. especially since your mom had been cool with you smoking, that's just awful.
  12. Huh. I guess I know how that is. Something else was probably the root cause, and that was just one more thing that tipped her over the edge. Or maybe she was ok with it when you just had like a small pipe and smoked once in a while, and your hobby just kinda grew subtly until it was too big for her taste. Did you lose any nice glass?
  13. So not right what your mom did. :(
  14. You should be happy Texas has lenient laws. In most other states if you have over an ounce it's an automatic felony.
  15. Texas? Lenient???
  16. sorry for goin off topic but 720-960 US$ is only about 500-700 euro! Prices in America sound much better then e50 for 3.5 gramms, mann fuck the eurozone.
  17. In NY if you have more than an ounce it's a felony... and that sucks about your situation dude good luck.
    what the fuck is happening to this country
  18. sorry about that man, good luck with your freind
  19. #19 blackbur, May 28, 2010
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    well, i'm being wouldn't exactly be any better if i was like..sorry dude i cant believe happened.Life sucks when you make poor choices you get poor results, maybe if he didn't keep ounces around his room and other stuff he wouldn't be in this situation.
    Honestly, i have no idea what that girl is going through but she needs to find away out of that harmful environment.

    about the criminal remark i made, i was talking from the police station's perspective seeing that they have already arrested him for having a lot of weed and paraphernalia.
    if i said he was a flat out criminal i would be a hypocrite.
  20. Sounds real fucked up. But at this point idk what the hell you can do.

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