fuck the schwag

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Xelo, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. some new decent schwag came in town and every dealer is selling this shit. i bought 0,6 just to test it out, ill toke up tomorrow probably. i have 2 contacts who usually have very amazing danks, i use to buy off them but the closer one had this shit. im not trying to sound like a weed snob, im just saying that everyone in my place is selling this at the same price as mids or danks. i was too lazy to go to my other man (40 min with bus), im sure he has something big right now (he is amazingly connected, always top shit, not just bud-wise(lol)) though, but whatev. people around middle eu: dont u get schwagoverload around now?
  2. oh some additional info: this is pretty dark green, with some red hairs, kinda dry, and no nugs just all the stuff looks messy and nasty. the smell is okayish, if i didnt see it i wouldnt know it was schwag by the smell.
  3. wait so are you saying its schwag or dank? i dont consider any schwag to be even decent.
  4. if its cheap buy it and smoke blunts

  5. nah it is schwag, im just saying it looks decent compared to the pictures ive seen of schwags online (ive never smoked anything like this before). like i said its not really cheap.
  6. if it not cheap. and its shitty weed then i say fuck it. not worth it. good luck finding some decent bud.

  7. yep ill go to my best contact next time. worth the extra 40 minutes or so.

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