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Fuck the Police.

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoopid Toker, May 27, 2009.

  1. No.

    Why does is seem like the vast majority of this forum has this mentality? Does it occur to anyone that the police serve a pretty vital role in society?

    It would be total chaos without police. Most cops are good people that dedicate a significant portion of their lives to better our lives. They dont get paid that well, they put themselves in danger, and they get treated like shit all day long.

    Sure, some cops are corrupt... but you will find a lot more crooked tokers than you will crooked cops. Every profession has its share of assholes and ignorant people.

    If you hate the police because weed is illegal and you got busted for it, then suck it up. The police dont make the laws, they enforce them. They have no more say in what is and is not a law than you do as an American citizen. If they catch you smoking weed than they are supposed to take the "proper" actions. Why should they put themselves into difficult situation and risk their badge just to let you go? (im not sure if they are required to arrest you, but i know there are department guidelines that they are supposed to follow)

    It's the police that are going to help you when/if you need it most. When some prick murders your mom or some psycho eats your dog, the police are the only ones that are going to ensure justice is served.

    Do we need to reform our drug laws? Sure. But policy change does not happen by a bunch of ignorant people running around being disrespectful and saying fuck the police.

    Know your rights, dont let the police impede on them, but if you are dealing with the police, be polite and respectful. This will help you out so much more than trying to be some smart ass that thinks he knows everything about the law.

    No, i am not a cop. neither is my dad. Neither are any of my friends. I am just a normal citizen who happens to smoke weed AND support the police.

    Next time you want to mutter "fucking pig" under your breath as a cop walks by, just think of this. If you break the law, it is nobody's fault but your own. You know what you are doing, you know the consequences. No, sometimes it isnt fair, but that is our justice system, and you arent helping anyone when you scream fuck the police. Not yourself, not them, not society's perception of weed smokers.

    That's my rant for the day. Ill probably get some flames and some neg rep, but i dont care.
  2. Fuck the power tripping police.
  3. TLDR.

    But yeah, the police aren't all bad.

    But I can't help but be resentful when they come and rip up my harmless plants and tell me I can't have them.
  4. Heres my deal on the situation. Stop locking people up for drug crimes (possession and selling specificallly). Then i'll stop hating the cops.
  5. Did you just take your argument from the thread last night?

    Alot of those points seem pretty familiar...

  6. Ok, fuck the power tripping police. Fuck your power tripping boss. and fuck your power tripping senator.

    The majority of police are not on a power trip. That is my point

  7. What argument last night?...

    I read some story in the Real life story section and saw some1 type fuck the police, that is what inspired me to write this.

    whatever though, i anticipated this sort of reaction.
  8. we only say we hate cops because the illegal drugs we do are well... illegal.
  9. thats why I said fuck the power tripping police not fuck the police
  10. Cops dont make the laws.
  11. I don't need a police officer to tell me what to do or keep me out of harms way, I have a gun for that.
  12. But they are the ones who enforce them......... so sry but I have to have some hate for them. There have been some cops who have come out and claimed they are against prohibition because all the cops they knew loved aiming at getting druggies arrested rather than dealing with real criminals. In other words they enjoy ruining people's lives.
  13. i got total respect for cops, it's just that the one that are dicks piss me off :mad:
  14. hate is a strong word.
  15. this.
  16. Dont worry dawg, im with you on this one. If peeps wanna be ignorant, thats fine. I get the point your trying to get across, but when your trying to make it on a site that supports illegal drugs, you can only expect this type of reaction.
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    I respect GENUINE PROFESSIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT. I have no use for out of control, anti cannabis DEA-government rhetoric brainwashed, ruin one's life for any amount of cannabis, gung ho over the top, stop someone for no other reason than to search your vehicle types. Fuck those Police types. With that stated however, I'm always respectful of Police regardless. I believe that it is a sad time we live in that where in the land of the supposed free, one can get 5 to 30 years for two cannabis plants. I think the variance in the law is too wide for some self regulating Judges who sit on benches in our legal system without any checks or balances provided for their over the top penalties they hand out. Those penalties are mainly based on laws passed in the 1930's that today, do not reflect the new science in regards to cannabis and the use of it both medically as well as recreational. Compared to herion, cocaine and meth which cannabis is classified with (schedule 1) there simply is no comparrision. Yet, many Police operate with the mentality that ANY amount is terrible and htose who have it sould be punished without exception. I take exception to that very attitude because it is outdated in both law & social acceptance.

    Otherwise, I respect the Police :rolleyes:


  18. You anticipated someone questioning the originality of your post or are you assuming that my post was somehow a subtle way of giving my opinion?

    I don't know about that man. :wave:

    Anyways, the police should follow the laws that they enforce and when they break those laws they should receive a steeper punishment than any normal citizen. If you are in any position of power and you abuse that power not only is it morally wrong but the idea that it often goes without proper punishment makes me lose hope.

    While I disagree with the fuck the police mindset I will say that I can understand why these people feel this way. Although its sad to see such an unfair generalization it is the world we live in today and I am sure the power hungry cop stereotype keeps a lot of police officers on the right side of justice . I mean it's obvious that most cops try there best to keep a good public image but good cops don't make good news but the bad ones do. That is the problem.
  19. We understand that not every officer is a dick. There are cops out there that are doing their job the way it should be done and most have nothing but respect for those men. It's the hypocritical cops that flex their power and invincibility any chance they get, and break the very laws that they are put in place to protect we hate. So, while they aren't all bad, it doesn't change my feelings.

    Fuck the police.

  20. No, i just anticipated the negative reaction that i got. I even said so in my original post. Didnt ever think some1 would say i was trying to copy an idea from some post the night before... lol

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