Fuck the Police.

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  1. Ok so after working 10-4 then going to my granfathers wake 5-6 im stressed out and was already having a bad day. Decide to go chill wit a few of my boys and get lit. so i go to the projects and cop 2 grams of some bomb jack herrer. go to the store grab 2 dutches and park in the lot. right after opening my bag to begin rolling the gang unit rushes my car.

    Police make me and my boy get out and run our shits all i have is 2 grams and my boy has 2 percocets, 1 gram of blueberry. my car gets towed and we get booked. after a few hours of bullshit we are released each on a $140 bail. after i get bailed i ask where is my car? the cop tells me i need to pay $20 for that information. so im like are u fuckin serious? omfg and walked out and sparked a cig. 2 mins later 3 cops come out and yell hey come here! and im like why? there like come here! so i started walking towards them and the arresting officer tackles me to the ground handcuffs me then punches me in the head 5-8 times i dont remember. and my face is all black and blue and i have a pounding headache. after that he puts me in the cell and i was locked for 5 hours. now i have 2 more charges Class D and disturbing the peace. WTF. and i have a previous charge pending so im going to be doing 60 days most likely unless im lucky. so all im asking is for you guys (religious or not) please pray for me.

    Fuck the 5-0

    Keep toking:smoke:
  2. DUDE, im am so FUCKED! OMFG. I Cant Even REAd What you Type!, I was LOL'IN But Really , IM SO sorry to read that. But Yeah, Keep up updated..!!
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    Go kill yourself:smoking:

    This type of post isn't welcome here. *RMJL

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  5. haha yo call the aclu down on that. you know civil rights violations and shit like that. whered this happen too, becuase if it was in brockton they always got bad rep with the police. easy to beat the last two charges.
  6. what city u live in? but fuck dem boys
  7. wow ... i LOLed in real life to this trhread
  8. Wait So u got released and asked where ur property(ur car) is?
    the policeman tried to charge u 20 dollars to tell you where it is?
    U got frustrated. Walked out.Lit a Cig...and on the way out the arresting officer tackled u and took shots at ur head:confused:

  9. if your lucky you can show some bruise inthe court room and get off because of police brutality
  10. correct
  11. funny how some people find this shit unbelievable. This kinda of PIG shit goes down in every city in every country. Cops are humans too, they ARE above the law and they will fuck you up if they want. :mad:
  12. i believe it happened but chances are hes not giving us the full story and made some smartass comment when they told him he'd have to pay 20$ to find out where his car was and i used to work for a towing company if the cops have your car towed its gonna cost a lot more then 20$ to get it out of the impound---and to the op why would "the gang unit" rush your car i know for a fact the gang unit doesnt just go around making random arrests they make cases on gangs and make tactical arrests so either you dont know what your talking about or you were dealing with bigtime gang members and they thought they were goin to get a lot of information out of you
  13. im out of court thank god good judge, i have court again sept 29th, and i didnt make a smart ass comment, but the judge said if im found guilty on both charges they are 6 months each in jail :( and i have a old charge of BNE at night time (i was stupid) so thats 10 yrs over my head plus 1 for this, im staying out of trouble for now and no more weed =(

    and yes it was the gang unit, they wear T-shirts that say G-unit. lol and in small letters after the G it says ang. if you no taunton and brockton these guys are out looking for any drugs and weapons. if you are with 2 or more people expect to be searched. no freedom, eyes in the sky we under surveillance that aunt starting to call track everywhere you been, gotta watch what i say they tappin my cell phone they wanna sneak and peak inside of my home....(prodigy mac 10)

    hope all goes well if not im going to take a ass load of cid and check myself into the looney bin for a lil bit, then get out with no charges ^_^
  14. So where in MA did this happen? That's a pretty fucked up story, if it's true then you got your ass beat by those cops and it wasn't fair.
  15. Taunton Mass, on tremont st, i found out i was followed from the projects in dewert.

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