Fuck the Nirvana section.

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. We are stoners, this is a community of stoners, there is no need to separate the ones that dish out $10.

    I would rather buy a gram.
  2. you.... sound mad lol

    It's not a big deal really, they're just supporting the site.

    But yeah I'd rather buy a gram than pay $10 for that incentive
  3. Why does it mater
  4. They pay to help support the site, they get a little extra reward for it.

    I don't see anything wrong with it.
  5. This is the first I've even heard about it so I'm gonna say, Who gives a fuck?
  6. I am not mad, and there is nothing wrong with it lol

    I just don't like the separation.
  7. yes yes....

    FUCK US.

  8. Open it to everyone and it's the same as any other sub-forum.
    The majority of people that pay aren't gonna be idiot kids, so it's probably a decent place to be.
  9. So you would rather contribute nothing to the people who generously provide this service to you for free?

    If they wanted they couldve easily made a forum for only people who pay so be thankful you ungrateful bastard.

    This is all coming from someone who hasnt donated :p im a poor student though, what can i say? I plan on donating at some point though... I just dont like how you have to donate every year.
  10. sorry for supporting the site that YOU enjoy....prick. :devious:

  12. Lol then go buy a gram. No one is making, or even asking you to donate.

    But keep in mind, you use this site for free, when its quite the opposite for the admins to keep it up. If there comes a day they can't afford to keep it going, you can not complain.
  13. only if you knew the magic that happens in nirvana
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    no magic happens there.... :rolleyes:

    bunch of arrogant assholes me thinks. :D
  15. It's worth the ten bucks because all the hot chicks in Nirvana post naked pictures.
  16. y u mad? we're the winners here, because we don't pay $10 to access a forum that's free :laughing:
  17. fuck the haters who post a whole thread about hating in the general section.


  18. SJ pays 5,000 dollars a month in server fees. We just get extra privileges for giving him a hand. $5,000 a month is a heap of money. We don't have to see ads either.
  19. Well I say if they pay money for it and support the site, they deserve a little something extra.

  20. And to add, no one wants to donate but seems to want to have control over how we do things (hinting towards seasoned tokers section)

    Not realizing, Nirvana is EXACTLY how people go on and on about wishing seasoned tokers was.... there are benefits to helping the hand that feeds
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