Fuck the idea that Mac's are greater then PC's for creativity

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  1. Could this misinformation please subside already? Can we all not agree that this just no longer applies anymore, and hope for the notion to go die in a massive graveyard with other mythology?

    Gone are the days where any kind of creative studio had to use a Mac due to software exclusivity. The great amount of design, graphic and web work is done within Adobe CS, which is cross platform. Apple is losing major ground with FCP X and the MacPro machine at their own discretion. Logic hasn't been getting much attention either.

    Yet, apologetics from within the Mac camp will name drop those programs with ignorance. And what worse, it's a reflection of their actual beliefs, based on an a perception that managed to stay just enough intact for the uninformed to still hold on to. Yeah, I think that's the problem, ignorance.

    Would anyone really be tempted to argue that a very large amount of Apple's fan base is loaded with pretentiousness? That is, they apply greater ability and importance then is actually real. This goes as far to give Apple merit for inventions that they just don't deserve (I'm not saying there don't deserve any credit, however).

    Here's why the perception should be dead: Windows 7 runs Adobe. And it runs it really, really well. I mean like, fire breathing dragon shit. Some people are so uninformed they dont even know Photoshop is available for Windows. Not only that, they dont know what fuels software like Photoshop. Because of this, there is just some magic that exists within a Mac that is driving the superiority to them.

    Can I, please, not be the only person to have a problem with the idiocy going on here? As a designer and a technology enthusiast I feel like I'm helpless not able to reach out to the masses about their foolish worship of a false perception. Fuuuuuuck.

    If you're going to rebuttal my point, please *please* be explicit with why. And if its a matter of your opinion, or highly subjective, please acknowledge it as being only subjective. Otherwise I might destroy you.
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    Doesn't art come from the mind, and hand of the artist? Not necessarily the medium being used. I could buy $500 worth of painting supplies and not have the talent to create what a critic would call "art" but another may have a burnt twig and a piece of paper and create a masterpiece. IDK, I guess having the talent to get a machine to exhibit your thought would be just as creative...
  3. there both tools, you can do wonders on macs and pc's, I do traditional art though so it matters little to me :p
  4. Macs are for people who don't know computers.
  5. [quote name='"The Incredible"']Macs are for people who don't know computers.[/quote]

    I would totally agree.
    This is the reason I own a Mac.
  6. There's also a lot of misinformation, The idea they can't get viruses, don't crash & have standardized parts. You'd struggle to find two macs with identical components, they source them from all over the place. I know all companies drip feed technological advances through for more profit but apple really take the piss in that regard.


    This. They're shiny, idiot proof computers for people with more money than sense who end up clogging up windows with a plethora of third party shit that makes it take 20 minutes to load up and then crash and then complaining "windows is crap". Fisher price toys for fisher price people. Hopefully, with windows going closed they'll both be replaced by linux and we can put this debate behind us.
  7. Lol @ Mac hate.

    It seems all this supposed 'pretentiousness' that you say lies within the Mac camp, actually lies within the Windows camp. All you seem to know how to do is point out how Macs are simpler to operate than computers running Windows... which is precisely the point of the Mac OS.

    You have some sort of problem with Mac worship.. but you fail to realize that it's deserved.

    As a kid I used Windows, I had never even heard about Apple. Throughout my early computer-life (as a simple user), My Windows-running computers would crash, get viruses, or what-have-you. Myself and my family have used Macs for the past 8 years (with the exception of just recently, I now run Ubuntu), with not one single problem.

    Say what you will about that, but it's obvious to me and my family (who haven't changed our usage habits) that Mac OS is superior to Windows in that aspect.
  8. At the price of a far higher cost for a technically inferior machine (compared to a home build of the same price) and an OS with less functionality. Hence the term "idiot proof".

    Fanboys always say that.

    Entirely your fault, you should have learned how to use a computer.

    I know tons of people whose macs have all gone tits up. "My keyboards not working, guess I need a new macbook".

    Nope. Cracked security systems and the FAR better PC you'll get for the money of your mac IS the suprior option. Until windows goes closed and everyone starts building in linux functionality, then that'll actually be a viable option and windows and apple can finally be left behind for the shit they both are as platforms.
  9. I'm not arguing about where the fault lies.

    I'm saying that it's quite odd that when I ran Windows, there would be problems. When I switched to the Mac OS, and didn't change my usage habits at all, that there were no problems. It doesn't have to do with knowing how to use a computer because It's not like I suddenly learned how to use a computer so much better when I switched to mac, and therefore had no problems.
  10. I am, it's the whole point.

    No you didn't suddenly learn how to use a computer, you got one with reduced functionality.

  11. In the original post I didn't mention anything arguing the stability of either platform. You bringing this into the conversation is called a straw man. I started the thread to talk about the use of either for the purpose of creating media.

    You might say that your stability experiences factor into the choice of using a Mac for creating media, but you didn't say that, so we're all assuming you don't mean that.

    Pretentiousness actually is amongst the Windows users, and not the Apple ones? I really don't know what you're talking about, and more importantly, I dont think you do either. There's evidence galore to support this, there is no term "reality distortion field" that is thrown around in critical Microsoft discussions. The way our culture in the US has developed around choice of electronic devices reminds me of highschool cliques. In 2005 (when I graduated) if you wore Abercrombie style clothes, you had that much of a greater chance for getting laid. And now people benefit from this abuse of social currency by using Apple products, at the effort of the company's executives' public announcements and store employees flagrant sales attempts to inflate the value of the products.

    You also really have to make sure you're making a fair comparison. I have to ask, are you comparing your Apple experience of no problems with virus', crashes, etc. to *Windows 7*?

    I also have to be skeptical that over an 8 year time period, you really had "not one problem" with that many machines. The chances of that actually happening would be sky high! Evidenced by mountains of forums dedicated to trouble shooting Mac issues, as well the countless threads within them, detailing wide spread problems like the previous generation MBP crashing under load, later revealing way too much thermal paste being used in production. Hell, even the Genius Bar existing is evidence that the invulnerability you speak of just doesn't exist.

    Other than anecdotal evidence, which is of no substance here, do you have anything to contribute referencing my original post?
  12. You're right, I shouldn't have written a post that didn't have to do with the main point of your OP.

    And, no, I have nothing else to contribute. I was simply offering a personal experience.
  13. They're idiot proof? Okay, you must be a genius at computers, eh?

    Who the fuck cares, you aren't some fucking scientist.
  14. Scintillating.
  15. People complain about windows getting more viruses because idiots dont know how to navigate the internet and go into untrusted website because they assume they will just be protected....

    I also use Ubuntu dual booted along 7 and run Redhat on another computer.
  16. Microsoft runs the desktop/PC market.... Apple can have the useless tablet market

  17. ^ That one really annoys me.

    My friend and I were talking about computers (because I was going to buy one) and he literally said "well, if you're worried about viruses, just get a mac, they don't get viruses". Biggest BS ever.

    I got this rig for only $750 (for music production). How much would this same rig cost in a Mac equivalent? It's scary to even think...

    Newegg.com Shopping Cart

    ^ same as that, but with 5 140mm fans (for some reason they wouldn't let me put 5 in the shopping cart this time)...

  18. Well Apple had to take down that they are "virus free" from their website
  19. Apples or Oranges?:rolleyes:

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