FUCK that was close!!

Discussion in 'General' started by smooth08, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. me an 4 of my buddies had been drivin around smoking early tonight, and we picked up a case and went to my friends house to start up a bonfire, well the wood was kinda wet, so i went in my car, and got my spare gallon of gas in the little red container, well, i took it back and tossed some on the fire, well it was hot as fuck, and i dropped the container and ran cause my face was almost in the fire, an the fuckin can went up in flames, and we were building the fire under a tree that sticks out of the tree line that goes between houses, and the flames were in the leaves burning leaves off and shit....

    my friend went to look for the hose to hook up to the spout, but i thought we were fucked, if that tree caught on fire it wound spred to at least a few more yards/potentially houses....

    shit was intense, expeicially really baked, my nerves were on edge big time so ive smoked a few bowls to calm down, an its doin the trick
  2. shit that's crazy
  3. The moral of the story is that if you almost burn yourself and your friend's neighborhood to the ground, you get to smoke a few bowls :D
  4. yeah thats why i let someone else light the the fucker:D
  5. talk about a buzz kill

    hate that happened to you man
  6. damn thats nuts man
  7. damn pyromaniacs,,,,,

    harold; edna , what are them young punks over there doing ?

    edna; sweet jesus there trying to burn down the neighborhood, call 911,911,911,911,,,, oh give me the phone you blind bastard,

    gotta love starting a fire with a gallon of gas all at once,,,

    did you walk away with your eyebrows still stuck to your head,,?:D

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