Fuck Tha Police

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  1. Takin out a cop or two, they can't cope with me
    The motherfuckin villian that's mad
    With potential, to get bad as fuck
    So I'ma turn it around
    Put in my clip, yo, and this is the sound
    {*BOOM, BOOM*} Yeah, somethin like that
    but it all depends on the size of the gat
    Takin out a police, would make my day
    But a ***** like Ren don't give a fuck to say

    Fuck Tha Police

    Without a gun and a badge, what do ya got?
    A sucker in a uniform waitin to get shot
    by me, or another *****
    And with a gat it don't matter if he's smaller or bigger

  2. Giggitty Gier-it. Gibbi giiiiibbi gier-itikki tikki giggi gig GANGSTA
  3. I love this thread

    :bongin: :bongin:

    Deep cover

    Six fo' five was the time on the clock,
    When me and my homie bailed in the parking lot.
    The scene looked strange and it felt like a set up
    Better not be, cause if it is, they're getting lit up.
    Oh here they come from the back in they 'lacs.
    I'm checkin for the gats they strap, so whats up black?
    Chill, lets hit a deal, if it aint up to what you feel then grab your
    Right, so, what you motherfuckers gonna come at me with?
    Hope you ain't wantin' none of my grip.
    Cause you can save that shit. Guess what they told me?
    'We give you 20 G's if you snitch on your homey,
    We'll put you in a home, and make your life plush,
    Oh yeah, but you got to sell dope for us."
    Hmmm, let me think about it
    Turned my back and grabbed my gat and guess what I told him before I shot
    'If you don't quit, yeah, if you don't stop, yeah, I'm lettin' my gat pop'
    Cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover cop
  4. NWA is the shit to the day, i was just listnening to fuckl the police,

    fuck you, you black mother fucker
  5. Okay, sometimes cops suck, but that video...

    that dude...

    is just whack.

    If you think thats glorifying, if you think what he did is "good", then you're out of your mind.
  6. That's my favorite line out of any song...

    "IT'S A 1-8-7 ON AN UNDER COVER COP!!!"

    I don't even know why... it's just so catchy and warms my heart.
  7. just watched the video, didnt see the link at first and that shit if fucked up, sorry but watching two cops get killed is bad taste, sorry
  8. Yeah, that was a pretty fucked up video. Even though I don't especially like most of the police, I still don't hate every single one I see. It's just the superman-save-the-day from us horrible pot smoker police I can't stand. I've been caught by the police with weed on numerous occasions, never have been charged. Got caught painting (Graffiti) one time, was on provisonal probation for 6 months and had a $200 ticket.

    The world would be pretty fucked up with out police.
  9. i didnt say its glorifying or good or any of that shit i just posted a link to a video and some lyrics from a song

    and i could give a fuck about the anonymous neg rep i recieved dont watch the video if u dont wanna see that shit but shit happens everyday man and if u dont wanna watch dont u saw what it said before u clicked...psycho kills 2 cops...dumbfucks
  10. Just so you know, I didnt neg rep anyone.
  11. i made no accusations of who neg rep nor do i care i think its just pathetic some1 would its the internet people theres shit on here some may not wish to see and others would read the file name in the link before u click

  12. Whoa whoa there man, slow down, I wasnt accusing you of accusing me, I was clearing up any misconceptions there may be.
    All I did was give my opinion on the video, you're the one getting pissed off. I did read the link before I clicked it, and I was expecting something retarded.
  13. just close this thread
  14. ^^^ yes, now.

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