Fuck tha police

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  1. FUCK just got arrested for drrinking underage, and littering wtf? Fuck the police man, piece of shit some bald ass pig fuck, its bullshit I dropped a bottle when it slipped outta my hand and got charged with 450 bucks how the fuck do I get that kind of money with no job
  2. Man it's the fucking state politicians who think that you should be taxed everytime you do something bad to yourself, so long as the Earth hasn't orbited the sun 21 times since your birth.

    It's bullshit. Vote libertarian because of this.
  3. guess you shouldn't have been drinking underage in a public place..
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    This right here.

    If you're going to drink, especially underaged, do it in a private vicinity where you aren't going to be bothering others.
  5. Why did I read the title in the voice of the singing white lady on the Chapelle show.
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    Try not to break the law punk. Also you are under 18? Or is the drinking age 19 in your province?
  7. The bottle SLIPPED out of your hand....hahahahah thats bull shit
  8. Word man it slipped I was bringing the bottle down and my hands were wet so it slipped and shattered, year the drinking age is 19 in my province 18 btw now I am grounded and any chance of hooking up with one of the girls at the party is gone out the window. Fuck this shit smoke a bowl
  9. I'm sorry you were a minor drinking in public and when a cop rolled up you tried to ditch the bottle so you wouldn't get in trouble
  10. Coming straight from the underground :cool:
  11. You get grounded at 18? :rolleyes:
  12. TRUE STORY :

    Me and my grade 10-11 buddies got a little cocky and started drinking in public, a cruiser pulled up and we got caught, I tried to throw the bottle but it broke and the officer got even more mad at me. Now I'm grounded by my parents. And I won't be able to make out with the girl at our party !
  13. yea man shit hurts, i got in a car accident and now i gotta pay my parents $500 for the deductible, pay for their raising costs of insurance and i wont be able to drive for a couple years until my insurance goes down...I dont have a job and if i want to drive again my insurance is gunna be through the roof, INSURANCE IS A SCAM

    sry bout my rant but it does suck, just let it go cus being mads not gunna solve anything, smoke a blunt and relax bro. And i dunno if your a fast runner and a good jumper but my rule is if your doing something illegal and the cops pull up, run.
  14. Yeah, they're a shit band anyway.
  15. btw now I am grounded and any chance of hooking up with one of the girls at the party is gone out the window. Fuck this shit smoke a bowl[/QUOTE]

    You aint gotta lie man, you prob had no chance with a girl anywaus, dont blame the police

  16. My god this forum is full of winners.

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