FUCK tha police.

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  1. This whole story happened like 1 1/2 hours ago.

    Me and a friend were at this party that was already wack. There was a good amount of people but it was just a lame ass party. No good looking girls, weed, and barely enough alcohol to get me drunk.

    Anyways stuff was starting to settle down and there wasn't many people left. I lost track of my friend at this point, thought he was upstairs doing his thing. Cops ended up coming and they asked me for my id in the front yard. I'm totally fucked because I'm not 21. Then the most epic thing I have ever seen in my life happened.

    My friend runs out of the house piss drunk with a cop running after him and snatches my id while running by and yells with both of his arms up "FUCK THE POLICE".

    I take off as fast as a could and hide in a yard for a while trying to get ahold of my friend. We ended up meeting at my house, getting my id, and smoking an l.
  2. Yeah, i dont party on monday's so i haven't met any cool people like that yet.
  3. thats awesome

  4. No classes tomorrow :cool:
  5. Hahaha + rep reminds me of me.
  6. hahahahaha i salute you and your mate
  7. +rep for balls. That's awesome hahaha.
  8. Hahaha that's fucking badass.
  9. this man isnt a liar

    same incoming icy weather *****
  10. How could anyone believe this..

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