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fuck tha police

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by zero-420, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. So heres the story, me and a few of my friends were partying over at a long time friends house pretty late at night on a sunday when the police knock on the door. Now heres the thing, theres only fuckin 8 people there at the house, we arent being loud, and the police shouldnt have a reason to be there. so we stop playing drinkin games, hide the weed, the rest of the beer, shut off the lights and decide to go to sleep. now heres the statement im writing for a friends trial that describes what happened:
    At around 3:00 AM myself and a few of the people that were at the house were sitting on the couch while everyone else slept in the bedroooms of the house. There was a loud knock on the door followed by 3 or 4 police officers letting themselves into the house they asked where the owner of the house was, walked to (lets call him M for this story's) bedroom, woke him up, and immediately arrested him.
    The officers had a real bad attitude towards us. The constant verbal assault coming from the mouth of just about every officer there was very demeaning towards all of us that were present there that night. They made us all go outside and sit on the porch while they carried on searching throughout the house without any form of consent or warrant and continued to write everyone that was present a ticket. The officer writing me a ticket informed
    me that they were writing all the tickets for one officer so that he would be able to meet his quota for the month. I was the last one to receive a ticket at 3:26 AM.

    i fuckin hate cops, how can they just let themselves in and start talkin shit to us like they did, first thing one of the cops said when he got inside was "Ya'll wanna play games, turning off the lights and shit, i can play more games than Milton Bradley." 6 of us there were issued MIP tickets, and M got "minor contributing to minors" or some shit.
  2. Fuck. That. Shit.
  3. Umm, I'm pretty sure that the police officers violated many of your rights. They have no right to enter your friend's home unless it is an emergency, they have no right to search your friend's house without a warrant or consent, and they have no right to give you tickets for some "quota" that police are not required to make. I doubt there are any "quatas" that police are supposed to reach, but I'll have to ask my friend to ask his dad one day.

    Good luck with all of that and if I were your friend, I would file a complaint against all of the officers and order the charges (from that night) and tickets to be dropped.
  4. thats fucked up ur gonna win in court for sure man
  5. take their asses to court and get them suspended or dropped from the pig force. fuck those assholes, i wouldntve let them in.
  6. I came in here expecting the cops busting a loud teenage party and you complaining just to vent out some anger, but you are one of the few people who actually have the right to say fuck tha police. Most other people who use that phrase don't realize that doing illegal stuff means they can get arrested. Your rights, however, apparently were violated and that just sucks, man.
  7. Get a lawyer.
  8. ya im sure they violated a few of your rights in that whole ordeal. def get a lawyer and take care of it
  9. just go to the court date on the ticket. If what you said actually happened, then the case will get thrown out in second. good luck.
  10. ya i figure we can get all of the charges dropped, the fuckin pigs let themselves into the house without anyone opening the door for them or anything and if they are going to do something like that im pretty sure they have to have a warrant and announce themselves before they break ur door down
  11. that's really fucked up, best of luck with this

    and yea, get a lawyer..
  12. ^^^^^
  13. Yeah, i know where I live they're not allowed to open doors in your house without your consent or a warrant. So, if it's the same where you live, which I'm guessing it probably is, they've violated a bunch of rules. Not to mention if you guys were already in bed, they shouldn't have been there in the first place.
  14. what the fuck man, fuck those pigs! i lose more and more respect for 'em with each story i read on GC every day. christ.

    you get yourself a lawyer and put those pigs where they belong! :D
  15. Lawyer up.

    A question: Does your citation include any discussion about how/why the police entered the house? Any details about interacting with you and your friends?

    If so, post it.
  16. you gotta call a lawyer but any person could walk in and show them in all actuality that the cops were at fault but call a lawyer cause lawyers make you seem smarter and they do not get hot tempers when the other side lies
  17. You're going to get a biased view if you're only looking here. Think there has only been like one "I love cops" thread. It's like the news, only going to hear the depressing, negative stuff.

  18. not really man, just says my charge "MIP - consumption" and my court date and the name of the faggot officer writing it

  19. Definitely talk to an attorney. It's difficult to predict the outcome simply because we don't know how the police are going to explain themselves. The friend who actually lives at the house should be on the front lines on this one, though. There are some potential standing issues, so the fact that it's his house could come into play. Encourage him to talk to an attorney first and go from there.

    Good luck to you and your friends.
  20. i was thinking to myself the whole time they were there that they can write all the tickets they want but ill never pay my money to that fuckin city, giving it to a lawyer :)

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