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Fuck. Spilled bong water. Help.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Veinz, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Yeah, just knocked over my bong and spilled a little bit of water on the carpet...right next to me desk :(

    Whats the best way to clean it up? I soaked it up a little with a towel and sprayed Febreeze (the fabric one...not the air freshener) all over the spot....but the smell is still persisting
  2. Keep soaking it up, that's the most important part. Once you can't get any more moisture, best bet would be something made for pet oders, if it'll get the smell of old dog shit out of a carpet I think it'll work for some bong water. =P
  3. Don't use any deodorizing sprays. You either need to use some kind of carpet cleaning spray on it or what I would do is just cover the spot in rubbing alcohol and then rub it around a little. Rubbing alcohol does a good job of eliminating the smell and it evaporates quickly so you don't have to worry about putting too much on there.
  4. I don't know, man. I used to have carpet in my room but had to take it out. I'm good at consistently spilling bong water. Wood floors ftw. Seriously.
  5. after its cleaned up, take a black light to it.
  6. I think old bong water might be one of the worst smells of all time. Right next to the smell of burning plastic and wet dog.

  7. Yeah, it's horrible. I've always wanted to make an industrial sized sling shot on top of my roof and fill balloons with 3 year old used bong water and launch them a quarter mile onto unsuspecting civilians heads.
  8. ^^^ now that is freaking funny as hell + rep for making me laugh and choke on my morinning coffee.
  9. we have these do good christians up the street that always call me a pot head and a low life so me a my friends saved up bong water filled balloons and threw them at thier house and in thier garage you can still smell it when you walk past :D:smoke:
  10. How did you ever fill balloons with bong water without spilling it everywhere?
  11. I would have to add to that list of worst smells, A decomposing body, raw sewage, and a landfill.

    Thought that you shouldn't leave those off the list.
  12. "Well maybe if you cleaned the bong it wouldn't smell like your girlfriends ass!!!"

    lmao, gotta love those opportune moments when movie lines can be used as a response :p:D

    Anyways, when i spill bong water, i get the fucking carpet cleaner out, like the rug doctor or some shit, and shampoo the fuck out of it.....
  13. holy hsit you guys are so all over the place wiht the responses lol blacklights and all this bullshit lol... i really love how we all have suggestions. not to mean that in a negative way :smoke:
  14. You know those funnels you throw under the hood when you want to put oil in your car without getting it everywhere? Just stick the funnel's "dick" in the balloon and fill 'er up with water. At least I think it should work, I've yet to try it. And I doubt I will. But I can dream, can't I?
  15. a solution to this is change ur bong water more often.

    also to soak up water in your carpet most efficiently, kinda smash the towel onto the moisture and rub hard, repeat until the carpet looks dry...drier... ya know.

    Then hit her with the febreeze when she's dry.
  16. "You forgot smoking lamp!"
    "I'm sorry, was that expensive piece?"
  17. For sure change your bong water more often if you don't want your house to smell like a mangina. Now you either have to rent a rug doctor, or use every cleaning solution in your house to try to get it out. Just don't stain it.
    Oh and I almost forgot, you can buy pretty decent carpet cleaning sprays that will do the trick at most hardware stores. Hell, I can get some at a grocery store or a pet shop.
  18. no way wet dog smells bad as bong water in carpet! the best solution is quit bonging and start vaporizing! i just got converted from bong or nothing to vaporizer wannabe after trying it.

    it's a much more efficient use of all of your THC, cuts down on couchlock (i love that!), easier on your lungs and tastes so much better and doesn't fill the room with smelly smoke. once i get a vaporizer (i'll need some weed to put in it first) i'll never touch a bong, bowl or doobie in my apartment again. i'll NEVER smoke a blunt anywhere.

    some other "worse smells"

    the stray cat in my neighborhood that has some sort of diahrea problem. if you pick the cat up, you'll get some nasty smelling cottage cheese looking i don't know what you call it. gave me dry heaves

    polo cologne is nasty enough, but when it was popular, everyone used to take baths in it. overdosing on purfume can be nasty too when it makes your eyes water.

    somone with zero hygene on a bus!
    especially on a hot day

    dead fish

    a public bathroom with years worth of uncleaned piss & shit


    but the WORST ODOR IN THE WORLD has to be CIGARS!
    they're evil, disgusting and should be outlawed! i puked my guts when i got home after riding in a cigar smoker's cab once. i think that cigar smokers actually enjoy stinking up everyone around them's air up.
  19. lmao this is the funniest ish yo!

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