Fuck spiders

Discussion in 'General' started by SlimPickins, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Hey GC, let me start off by saying that there isnt much that scares me, but spiders sure as hell do. This big red bastard was just chillin, hangin down right outside my back door about waist high when I walked out. I didn't even see him until he hit my arm, at which point I did a move that was reminiscent of Barry Sanders in his prime. After I escaped the near death situation, and had a full body shiver, I snapped this picture:


    Anyone else hate spiders?
  2. Don't you hate when you're outside at night. Or even in the daylight. You don't see that spider-web. You're just walking, talking and all of a sudden that web hits you in the face.

    You run around, screaming, "They're in my hair! They're in my hair!" Throwing your hands in the air and pretty much having a seizure.

    Yes, spiders creep me out. A lot.

    I have this spider that lives in my house. Half the size of my hand. Fuckin' huge! Everytime I see him, I run to grab something to end his life; only to look up and see he's gone.

    So creepy...
  3. I dont think theyre as bad as roaches. Especially palmetto bugs. Those can't kill you though.
  4. Arachniphobia (sp?).

    My WORST fear in life is spiders.

    I feel you 100 percent.

  5. Oh yeah, then as you back up to get out of the web, you happen to see the big ass hairy spider sittin up there pondering how he's going to devour you. This of course sends you into panic mode, getting pissed that the damn web wont let you out of its death grip.
  6. i love roaches :cool: but really though fuk spider and their dam webs
  7. Honestly, looking at that picture makes me cringe. I really, really, hate spiders. I'd rather fuck a dead hooker with AIDs than have a spider on me.

  8. i hate spiders id would rather have a rattle snack bite me in my nutsack then have that nasty red spider on me
  9. Been bit by a Blackwidow, AND a brown recluse (still suffer probs from that):(

    sorry, but ANY spider that I see 'round here...................DIES!!:D
  10. Oh My GOD!

    That touched you??


    Spiders are the one thing that mke me act girly. I scream in a high pitchd tone... Its horrible... my friendss make fun of me. You'd have to know me to understand.

    Yeah, I couldn't even look at the pic for more than a couple secs.....
  11. Heh, I just killed 2 spiders trying to make on my computer desk.
    First I tried to put them outside peacefully, but they tried to climb out when I moved it so I grabbed some 95% deet and sprayed them with that, then poured some ISO in there.


  12. that shit happend to me today at 6:15 am after i was tired as fuck from working all night(at a grocery store and not one of those infamous night time jobs:p)

    the only thing was i didnt scream....i didnt want to wake the neighbors and have to tell them what happend.....i did run around for a second tho
  13. This video is disgusting. do not watch it on a full stomach, or if you are grossed out. this is what happens if you leave a massive spider bite unchecked.


    That scares me to think that a certain spider bite can be so harmful and venomous to the human body.

    Spider's are disgusting creatures, But i respect some of them because they eat other harmful bugs.
  14. I hate 'em all.
  15. Tarantulas I can deal with, anything else scares the hell outta me.
  16. THANKS FOR THE NIGHTMARE I KNOW IS COMING. i hate these hidious creatures,,,, each time i have a experience with them i have bad dreams,,,

    and thanks for the pics.. now im bugging,,,,, that is one nasty fuckin spider,,,
    luckily in fla. we dont have no ''red'' spiders, or big ones,,,

    i once had a bad day with a spider, and went to sleep,, and in the middle of the night, my ex-wifes hair rubbed me in my sleep,,,

    i come to consioness, slapping the shit out of her,, all over her body,,,,
    she got used to , if she seen a spider to kill it herself without even telling me,,,

    we wont even go into the nightmare i had, when she showed me under a magnifying glass ,,, what a head-lice bug looked like,,,:(
  17. I think that half the problem was that the spider was red. All i really ever see around here are small grey to black spiders, but never red, or this big. Just thinking back about it makes me shiver and now every little thing I see out of the corner of my eye looks like this damn spider.
  18. There was a nasty ass spider I saw the other night. Hit it with my shoe and saw hundreds of the little fuckers explode and swarm everywhere. Now I have to worry about a mass upraising in my house. :(
  19. That video was fucking sick. Around here in Michigan we have "Wood Spiders". They are about the size of that red spider or bigger and they aren't venomous, but they have PAINFUL bites. Seriosuly, everytime I'm all high and walking through the woods to check my plants I feel like I'm in Eight Legged Freaks. I have to bring a fucking shotgun with my through the woods because I get chased by those bastards....I think they are chasing me for my weed, but who knows, why don't they just buy some off me?


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