fuck some1 found ma stash

Discussion in 'General' started by lman_15, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. yo i went up stairs 2 day and looked in ma stash box... all it is is a drore in a desk... so i had a $100 and when i came home i only had $80... so ther r only 2 or 3 possible people ma mom (which would have flipped cuz i have tuns of weed in there) so not her and ma nany which is most likley... also 2 dimes r missin... ma sister also could have but she don't smoke so i think its nany... what should i do i don't think shes goin 2 say anything cuz if she does den i will no she stole it... plse neeed some advice...
  2. erm, advice hmmmm

    well ur mom know u toke?

    (im totally making a joke here..dont really break your grandmothers hip)
  4. 1. If they know you smoke, then simply ask them politely..

    2. If they don't know.. i wouldn't trip over a gram and $20... just find a better stash spot..
  5. hmmmm, is nany like your person that cleans your house and like fetchs your meals? or are they correct assuming its your grandma, cause that'd be fucked up
  6. no man dis nany person makes meals and shes like 21 and she probubly smokes... and ma mom don't no shit bout me smokin... she has searched ma room and shit but neva found anythin...
  7. Well then...I'd confrim if it was actually her, then I'd leave a note in the drawer that says "smile bit*ch, your on candid camera" maybe it will freak her out and make her think twice about taking your stuff
  8. lol!! thats good, smile bitch!! id say just move you stuff....
    its the best thing to do...

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