Fuck sketchy people

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    Ight so I think gc is the only place I can discuss this.

    Have you ever met that kind of person that is always looking for the next dumbest possible thing to do? Just to get as fucked up on as many things as possible and use as many different people as possible, stealing, robbing, always getting people to commit crimes with them? Doing the stupidest shit and just doing it to be "cool" because they think their hard and they don't give a fuck.

    This kid hit me up to smoke and he said he had weed and i said we can match and he said yeah. I already had a downhill feeling from this point. I get to his house he says he has no weed but he has turtle beaches (which don't work on xbox one). So I heard the word turtle beaches and I was just like FUCK ME. I knew this bitch ass kid was just gonna nig me the fuk out and get me to smoke for free. At the time I had literally the dankest pick up I ever had, but being retarded I gave the kid a chance and smoked him down. One bowl. Like 5 minutes later he says can we smoke another and I'm like "sure". So we do and then an hour later he wants another and a second five minutes after that. So I basically end up smoking quite a bit with this kid that I barely know and is basically just using me, but being naive it happened and it was weird as fuck.

    I just hate these kind of people that purely exist to get "fucked up" which they call the effect of any drug. Using any body, their only friends are the ones who the have transactions dealing with weed often, so they have no real connection no money no job fucking up probation over and over bullshit.
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  2. Did he mentally rape you? 
  3. Pretty much, I was so high i kinda didnt give a fuck,

    But fuck you tho

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  4. ehhh maybe he didn't do it on purpose

    I don't see wtf turtle beaches have to do with anything though lol
  5. on behalf of all sketchy people, fuck you too.
  6. I had problems like that too in high school all you can do is ignore them don't respond to their Facebook messages or phone calls or however they are connecting you.
  7. He gave you turtle beaches to smoke weed XDDD what a bum lmao
  8. Or they keep asking you to put in money for weed when you told them no like 5 times already
  9. Well sounds like someone should learn the word no lol
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    The thing is you know he was in the wrong, but you let him do it anyway. People like this feed off of weakness.. It is just a huge snowball effect. If you pump the breaks nice and hard right when you got that first gut instinct it would be a lot easier to articulate why you do not want to smoke than it would be 4 bowls deep and blazed off your dick hole
    But I have a question.. what about him was sketchy? Did you feel like he knew he was in the wrong?
  11. That's the not the whole story. We got some of dat trippy shit and it wasn't what it was supposed to be then he tried to rip me off the started straight up just fucking with me and being belligerent for no reason besides binging triple cs

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  12. And he's just the type of person you can tell is just using you to get weed the whole time insincere and usually waiting to fail their next drug test and go to jail

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    How was he fucking with you? 
    to 2nd post - I mean yea, usually when people are sneaky about things they know what they are doing.
    This kid makes me curious
  14. Wtf? Can you put the WHOLE story in one semi-coherent post bro?

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  15. Lol, used and abused, just forget about it and remember this dude is truly not a good friend....Ive had this happen to me but the dudes also hit me up and burn me up and also hook me with connects so its all good, 

    I smoke up a lot of weed for free with my friends and I just dont worry about it, weeds just weed, Im not gonna hold weed as a reason for angst against my friends, 

    This dude dont seem like your friend tho
  16. Why do you hang out with this dude then? Do you go smoke over there cause its just a place you can smoke at?
  17. Dude, just don't even associate with him. I never got into these kinds of situations because I recognize these kinds of shitty human beings from minute one of meeting them and immediately bail on ever being friends with such a person.
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    What a fucking dick. He knew exactly what he was doing. A pathological liar getting what he wants! Can I get an amen!?!?

    It was because i knew the kid before and hadn't seen him in a year, he was always a little fucky but cool.

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  20. Nah ill give yah a like though cutie 

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