Fuck, screwed over for around $1,800.

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    Last year I was working for my uncle, He owns and manages vineyards (grapes). I was the tractor driver, I drove the tractor up and down every row with a discer attached to the back to turn up soil. Now my grandma owns a vineyard too, which my uncle manages and has her pay for the cost of management. I disc her field like I would normally, and later that day I get an angry call from my uncle. He says that the soil got spit up on the side under the grapes, which causes various weed (not marijuana :p) seeds to get under the grapes, potentially ruining a field. At first I assume it is my fault, he tells me that I have gone too fast and that is what caused it.

    Later I find out that an important part of the tractor was missing, the sheild that protects the dirt from being kicked up under the vines on one side was gone. My uncle failed to tell me about this. I believe he realized this after I had done the damage and tried to pawn the damage off on me. This does not surprise me as he is a very greedy and self-centered person, and has screwed his own family out of money in the past. He tells me that his workers will have to fix it by hand and I will have to pay for it, needless to say after trying to deal with it, I stopped working for him and that was that.

    I had thought that this problem was gone, but fast foward to today. My grandma shows up at my house and shows me a letter saying to ask me for the money in damages. Apparently he charged her extra that month than what she would normally pay, however failed to tell her about the extra money until she brought it up to him. She had paid it without knowing as it was just under normal maintenance fees for the vineyard. And it wasn't until after she had paid that she found out and he told her to get the money from me.

    Basically he created the problem between me and my grandma (his mom), rather than what it should be, between me and him. Now he is in the clear and the one getting screwed over is my grandma. I feel horrible, but I am in no way liable to pay the money, as it was his faulty equipment that caused the problem in the first place. My grandma agrees that it was wrong of him to pass this on to us.

    I don't know what to do, I don't have that kind of money right now $1,800. But I feel horrible that this has become my grandma's problem. Right now I am pissed that my uncle would do something like this, but not surprised at all...

    Typical rich greedy bastard.

    on a side note he is running for congress (conservative, big surprise eh?)

    edit: he isnt returning my calls...
  2. any input on how I should deal with this GC??
  3. that man is an asshole. but id say threaten to go legal for taking $1800 from your grandma's money without prior conscent. im pretty sure thats illegal
  4. id say if i was in ur position to go up to him and tell him to fuck himself and then watever more he is charginf ur grandma then give her the money.
  5. I'll take care of your problems for some primo norcal bud.
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    I don't know/doubt I have a case, but my grandma says she does not want more trouble in the family than there already is.

    She told me she would take it as a loss for her before it came to that, but I love my grandma and hate to have her screwed over.

    edit: I cant afford to spend that money now. And it isnt my fault at all, it is his greedy ass. My grandma knows this, I know this. But in the end it is him that came out on top...
  7. You'd have to have something on him, right? But I in no way recommend you hold it over his head while he's running for congress, nor do I recommend you tell people about that time he gave you a "special hug". If you seriously are pissed off dude, don't let him get into congress...he'll just be a dick to the rest of us, too.

    But if you like him but are just pissed off over this situation, confront him face to face, man to man and try and have a discussion.
  8. Take him to court (I know how much it sucks), he can't prove that you were the cause of his broken tractor, and I'm pretty sure he can't just take money away from your grandmother without her giving him consent.

    On another note... your uncle is a piece of shit.
  9. I think im just going to take the higher route and try and work something out with my grandma..

    just what we need is more douchebag conservative christians in politics *sigh*

    Brad Goehring for Congress - Official Website
  10. Hope it works out for you man. Do you want me to leave him a nice message?
  11. I would rather you not, all I can ask is you dont support him.

    that no one supports him.

    If you do msg him attack his issues he has a political standing on, dont mention the situation. or me.
  12. [​IMG]
    Is that guy to the right Mexican? If so:

    Has the Conservative Christian politician really employed a Latin American? This sounds so stereotypical.

    Anyway, man. I hope your troubles don't burden you too much. Life is good.

    -Lonely Planet Boy
  13. Don't worry I'm on the wrong coast lol.
  14. 95% of his workers are mexican...

    I have my doubts that they are all legal as well.. which is ironic if you read his stand on border control!
  15. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

    Haha, their deporting campaign for illegal aliens is called DRO
  16. I sure did and not only is his stance on Immigration (among the rest) generic and shallow but he really does sound like that politician guy.

    How can you be a product of anything related to this man? I mean it in the nicest way, man. Being a fellow Dead Head, I couldn't fathom working for this man, personally.

    P.S. Box of Rain is such an amazing song (American Beauty is my favorite album).
  17. Im nothing like any of my family really.

    Even my parents/grandma are all christian conservatives. Weed is satan and fox news is the greatest thing since sliced bread type of people.

    Im the hippy of the family...

    also when I worked for him he hadn't officially decided whether or not to run for congress... until the end of my days working for him... I needed a job badly and the hours were good...

    did I mention he never payed me overtime, I would work roughly 6-7 days of the week 10 hours a day...
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    I know the feeling well, brother.

    I do however, think Fox news is awesome, it's like my Comedy Central...


    EDIT: Didn't see the end of the message, I blanked out with some bliss, serene feeling when I saw "I'm the hippy of the family". He sounds like a tool and I think given the chance you should take him down...politically of course.
  19. tis true, go on youtube and type in fox news, hours of hilarity are guarenteed.

    my parents sit there watching bill oreilly agreeing with whatever he says, it is kind of funny yet sad at the same time..
  20. One day my conservative children will say the same thing about me when I'm watching Jon Stewart. And really, Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly aren't that different, they're fake journalists with a lot to say (regardless of how much I love Jon Stewart :p).

    Oh and trust me, I could watch Youtube videos of Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly on loop for years:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF4PbqJsRH4"]YouTube - Glenn Beck LOSES IT (Radio Show Freak-Out)[/ame]

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