Fuck Roomates

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  1. I got two roomates, one always goes two doors over (apartments) and leaves the door unlocked even if no one is in the room, well i locked the door and left bc i thought he left to go to the library ends up he nent next door. he calls me up i say im out know why hes calling bc this has happened before and you think he would learn. first time i went back to unlock the door for him no thank you just blame. this time he went straight to blaming me text convo:

    Him:Come one man why'd you lock the door

    Me: Bc no one was in the apartment and you left with your backpack, why cant you just keep your keys on you....why dont i just leave all the doors and windows open and just invite random people in

    Him: How about you ask if i have my keys before you lock it up and leave? Im stuck at my our neighbors now.
    (side note I didn't know he was at the neighbors and i got locked out i didnt bitch i just accepted it)

    me: Bc you werent in the fucking apartment im not your babysitter im not going to stay in he apartment and make sure the doors unlocked for you

    Him:K im not asking you to be my baby sitter im asking you to be considerate and not lock me out when i go next door (be considerate borrows my shit and its never in the same shape i give it to him in and what if someone steals my shit bc u left the door unlocked are you going to buy me new shit)

    Me: Ok well be considerate to me bring your damn keys with you and dont blame me for your mistakes

    fuck roomates id be better off with out them and dont know hwy i chose these two as my roomates oh well like 9 more weeks of his pussy ass bull shit thanks for reading thats is all.
  2. I don't think you should be expected to check in with him to see if he has or hasn't got his keys every time you go out.
    It's a security issue, and that's that.
    He needs to start acting like an adult and realising that it's not your job to do this for him - why be "considerate" when he clearly hasn't - doing this, in my opinion, would only enable him to think it's ok to do it further.

    Hm, I suppose if you wanted to push the point you could fake a robbery...
  3. lol fake a robbery, i should, but na. He should grow up and learn but hes really friggin immature. and thats what im saying why should i have to check in with you 1) your not family 2)im not even considering him a friend anymore 3) im not your fuckign servant

    sorry man i guess im just venting i feel like GC is the only place i can do this type of shit anymore and it sucks bc there negative vibes
  4. or he could just carry keys on him and i think the text conversation was basically telling him to carry his keys on him
  5. You can have my roommate if you'd like.

    He throws knives at our front door. I've already done all the necessary things to make sure I get my security deposit back, and he does not.

  6. that sucks and is dangerous, but is he a douche? bc im saying my roomates a douche and i rather money wasted then live with a douche

  7. He wasn't, at first. Just a quiet, reserved kid. Then he started doing lots of drugs, stopped showering (he literally hasn't showered in a month) and washing clothes and leaves his stuff all over the house. When I confronted him about it he just said "if you don't like it then leave."

    Can't exactly leave, as I don't have the money to break my lease and sign a new one elsewhere. I do know after this semester that I won't be living with a roommate ever again though haha
  8. Something simple as keeping your keys on you shouldn't be this much of a deal lol
  9. Adults keep their keys on them and lock doors so people don't break in to their house.
  10. do the fake a robbery thing, leave and then wait for him to leave. if he leaves the door unlocked go in and steal his valuables and some of ur bullshit stuff and flip out at him. then sell the stolen goods haha
  11. I ain't stealing shit fake or not, and that's what I'm saying have your keys on you take. 1 min to find keys unlock door than come back door open with all the shit gone he needs to grow up

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