Fuck "Robert Pattinson"

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  1. Read an article claiming that Courtney Love wants "Robert Pattinson" who's main vampire guy in the Twilight movies. To play Kurt Cobain...Kinda made me a bit sick that she would compare the two.

    But yeah, what do you think about a Kurt Cobain movie staring "Robert Pattinson" as Kurt?
  2. Is she stupid? Don't answer that.

    They should be choosing this guy: [​IMG]
  3. maybe he'll blow his head off
  4. Brad Pitt
  5. Apparently Brad Pitt wanted the roll too, but was rejected.

  6. Who is that?
  7. I actually think he can do it, haters gonna hate but I can actually see him as Kurt.
  8. Joe Anderson.
  9. I don't normally wish death on people but Courtney Love has it coming and this isn't the reason why, just makes it worse.
  10. ^Seriously, he was one of the only good things about Across The Universe.
  11. I love robert pattinson but I cannot see him playing kurt cobain.
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    Yeah I heard her talking about that too.Don't worry,he'll turn it down.

    However,I miss this courtney..when she still have a decent band.Even Kurt liked to jam with Patty and them.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djLEhlGBfjA&feature=related]Hole - Violet (Live "Saturday Night Live" 1994) - YouTube[/ame]
  13. i'm sure he COULD do it. not sure how well, but with the proper make up and props he'll at least look like him.
  14. He said he would rather play Cedric than the twilight dude so he's ok in my book
  15. he looks nothing like kurt... fucking stupid

    whatever, every nirvana biopic has been trash anyways
  16. I'm disgusted their even milking the tragic life and death of this tortured musician just so some big wig hollywood fucks who don't even give a shit can have a few more million pennies to rub between their fat fingers.

    Kobain deserves to rest in peace and to be remembered by the music and impact he made while he was alive, not by the bullshit drama screenwriter's interpretation, where he's played by some sparkly tard.

    Stuff like this just makes me sad. If this movie does go through I hope there's a nice long montage of Pattinson blowing his head off in the suicide scene. That should at least be a TINY bit of consolation.
  17. there's never been a Kurt or Nirvana biopic,let alone multiple ones.If you're talking about documentary's..Theres only a few that suck,and most of the ones that do were either butchered because Courtney kept all of Kurts friends off them by threatening to sue
  18. A movie about Kurt Cobain is gonna suck anyway, so he may as well play the part

  19. So does Cobain!

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