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Fuck Rep, Fuck Mods, This thread will most likely be closed or deleted

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by LeGiT_DANK, May 23, 2011.

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  1. This is such a fucking joke, wow. Everyone that has a bunch of greenbars if you purposely neg rep you are a lame. Mods, you are on a damn power trip.

    For real.

    I am mad bro.
  2. okay, welcome back Cudder. see you had to make another account, did you?
  3. Mad because your real account got fucked up? Or mad because people don't want to tolerate 4 year old behavior?
  4. join date January 2009? Explain enough
  5. I shall agree. we both got negged for no reason
    well atleast I did
    and now that thread is deleted
    so I got negged for no reason basically

  6. check the join date. If it's cudder he's had the account for a while....

  7. still crying? LOL
  8. You told the mods that they can't get you..and they got you.

    Now you want to complain??

  9. some people have numerous accounts from a long while back and use a different, newer one, because they like the new account's name more than the old one. I've seen it done before, so I honestly wouldn't doubt it
  10. wait...

  11. Thread sucks.
  12. Let the Roast begin...
  13. Haha I like how he says fuck the mods and then says this will probably be deleted...NO REALLLY?
  14. inb4 ban

    too late
  15. Sweet Jesus, I AM HIGH!
  16. Ahahahahaha he got banned. Everyone point and laugh!
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