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fuck reagan

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by minntoker, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. reagan was a horrible president. he stole from the poor and gave to the rich. i\'m not saying that i\'m glad he\'s dead, but he was an asshole. i just had to say that. it\'s crazy, man.
  2. But he made it possible for celebrities to hold positions of political power.

    Without Regan, where would Schwartzenegger be? Not in the governors office, that\'s for sure!
  3. how would you say that he was a bad president? any objective reasoning behind your statement?

    if he was such a bad president, why would so many people mourne his death the way that they are?

    and you do know that the war on drugs campagne existed before reagan was president, right?

    goddamn, let the man rest in peace...

  4. I agree, Reagan is up there with Bush.
  5. Because people are fucking sheep and they believe whatever CNN tells them to.
  6. okay.. you dont even live in America so you cant even have an opinion on this...

    EDIT: haha, wow im such a joker! lol :) :) rofl... this guy... this guys killin me, haha, lol :) :) laf laf laf....

    jesus christ guys...
  7. I think you have said something valid here blocko..theres too many people out there that eat shit up and spit it back out without a single original thought of their own.

  8. That\'s like saying people in Europe can\'t have an opinion on
    how much of an asshole GW is.

    President\'s affect more than just the good old US of A. And
    people outside our borders have just as much of a right to an
    opinion about our Presidents as we do.
  9. Thank you for proving my point.

  10. You mean the ten hour long \'remembering reagan\' piece they did? Yeah, how biased of them, those damn liberals, talking about how great reagan is for a whole day.
  11. They spent 10 hours on a dead guy?

    Holy shit. Makes me wonder what other events they deemed \"not important\" to scrap so everybody could mourne some senile dead actor.

  12. This right here was one of the most ignorant comments I have ever read...

  13. so is that what cnn told me? i didnt prove any of your \"points\".

    That was just a statement anyways, a statement isnt a point until you give reasons why...

    so blocko, please explain to me why he was such a bad president...

    all anyone does these days is criticizim without any reason behind it. your an example of your own \"point\" in saying \"people will believe anything\", whoever it is thats telling them. Just some hear praise, and some hear dislike...

    EDIT: and me saing \"you dont even live in america...\" was a joke... sorry i forgot to put smileys and \"lol\'s\" all over it...

  14. hahahah for real...im with grass roots on this shit. yall arent even giving facts or anything just saying \"reagan was a horrible president\" um ok what are yall basing that on, shit. everyone just going with the flow
  15. The trillion dollar defecit, or the firing of the air traffic
    controllers. Those are two good examples right there.
    Also the back room deal to keep the hostages in Iran till
    after the election.
  16. The news shows whatever makes ratings, the news makes it a big deal. I respect though, the passing of a human being. But will there be a 10 hour CNN special on my death? I think not..

    and I live in america and agree on the \'sheep\' theory..I hate it, too. The propoganda war on pot is an example of that theory. the TV told me so, the government wouldn\'t lie!
  17. Lying bastards!

    Despite my both positive and negative feelings toward Reagan, all men and women should rest in peace.

  18. you seem like a smart guy, but thats probably the most bonehead thing anyone has said on this site to date, surpassing \"will weed make me constipated.\"

  19. The firing of air traffic controllers got my dad a job as one. Now he\'s makin over 100 G\'s a year.
    Regan is cool in my book.
  20. boy am i glad someone said it.


    can i say it too?

    Fuck Reagan.

    i dont fall for this false bullshit of sucking up once an asshole dies. sure i got respect for the dead but not ALL of them and certainly nothing automatically. fuck that. for example... my grandad was an asshole in life, though it was a pitifull shame to see him in his last few weeks after his stroke, and certainly it was unpleasant to watch a living being suffer, expecially seeing a human i knew loose their \"humanity\", but that didnt make him any less of an asshole in death.
    if someone thought i was a complete dick, i\'d want them to carry on that belief after i die. so fuck reagan. seen anyone change their mind and praising hitler since he\'s dead?

    why do i sound so pissed off? because on the way home tonight i heard they were thinking of putting his face on currency!! ...which would of course mean getting rid of one of the founding fathers or jfk.

    the fucking most scripted president ever... HA! what a fucking joke. i\'d spit on every note with that ass\'s face on it! (k, thats an exaduration, i wouldnt really)

    is anyone upset by what i say? good. dont care. if this upsets you, you clearly dont know much about reagan. i\'m sure there\'s some juicy stories on the net to be found... load up google if you want.

    ok ok, for balance i\'ll find something good to say about him too... he was a better actor than John Wayne and could remember his lines better than Bush can. ;)

    and hey... this next bit might be a tad o.t.t. due to still being \" :mad: \" from the previous, but i still mean what i say.

    no offence grass roots, but fuck off wit that offensive bullshit.
    i dont even care if that was meant to be irony... it\'s sick. shit man, its even unamerican!! lol.
    i hope you understand why having said that has garnered such a negative reaction. from my point of view, its shit like that thats gonna get americans disliked. it is ignorant (and we all know i hate that), it reeks of xenophobia and nationalism and it is frankly down right oppressive.

    yeah... you really shoulda put some smilies and \"lol\"s after it. you claim it was a joke, but your initial defence (pre \"EDIT:\")doesnt really help back that claim.

    firstly, i\'d go as far to say that all presidents i know of were assholes. its near 100% same reason i say the same shit about Kings. its that part of me that screams out for freedom and liberty. the idea of a president, as corporate as they all have been, kinda flies in the face of that the way i see it. but if you want specifics, you should need no further convincing than,

    \"JUST SAY NO\"

    or do you not like cannabis? a big crude-oil lover eh? something against the rainforrests eh? teehee.

    if you, grass roots or anyone else still want more reasons for calling reagan an asshole, all you need do is ask. (might wanna pm me to tell me. i dont think i can be bothered returning to this thread of my own whim)

    oh, and adam... i dont think asking if weed makes ya constipated makes for a boneheaded thing to ask. the only stupid questions are the ones unansked when the answer is unknown. whoever asked that was totally a-ok imo. being a guy like grassroots, someone we\'ve all known for a while as not a \"bonehead\" saying what he did... way more boneheaded... since it lacked the required symbolism of humour/sarcasm/irony/jest.

    ps, really am sorry for the tone of this reply. the whole reagan thing just pisses me off. ya gotta read it lightheartedly, try in a higher pitch and fast... with a slight scottish accent. ;-) or if that doesnt work... imagine me as the member of the anarcho-syndicalist comune building a mudpile until so rudely interupted by the oppressive king arthur of the britons in Monty Python and the search for the holy grail. ;-)

    pps... it really feels good to post a big reply, let of some steam with friends, rather than the rigmarole of avoidance. ahhh. fuck i miss this place. think i\'m over that other shit enough now... even had a trip a wee whiley back. digit on the mend. digit got a whole pile of rant to get of chest. digit need to be told to fuck off to the fuck off thread with this crap. lol

    ppps... think i should remove the post script bits (ps, pps and ppps)? always seems a little redundant when i go on for so long.

    right... posting this before i think of something else i wanna say.

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