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  1. Okay so in my room I sprayed ozium(mostly air because its basically empty) and right under it 3ft. Was my pipe loaded. I smoked it, didn't taste funny, so you think I'll be alright?Kottonmouth Kings
  2. If you were that concerned, why did you smoke it lol.

    You should have posted the scenario THEN smoked. Anyway, you'll be fine. Probably not much more poisonous than any of the other hundreds of chemicals we consume each month through food.
  3. You consume more harmful products everyday I'm sure.
    You be aight!
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    You're going to die of poisoning. RIP in peace.
  5. You breath the stuff in so it's not THAT harmful. Airfresheners are kinda meant to be breathed in
  6. Here lies...
  7. [quote name="CMGarcia55" post="19456423" timestamp="1391404410"]RIP in peace.[/quote]Rest in Peace in peace?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  8. cant be worse then having a fly land in the bowl and torching it
  9. It's all good you breathe in worst stuff when you walk out your door

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  10. Quick! Write me into your will
  11. yeh bro yur ded
  12. Whatever, acts like a buncha kids.Kottonmouth Kings
  13. Why the fuck did you spray the ozium before you smoked???
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    the weed is more harmful, don't u know? marijuana is one of, if not THE most, dangerous drugs out there... Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  15. Your too paranoid

    Quick, someone call Bill Murray.

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