fuck pot..

Discussion in 'General' started by Peaceful Rocker, May 23, 2006.

  1. Alright, so my friend had just graduated high school last friday. His dad gave him 400 bucks just to blow on friday night having a great time. So he picked me up, and we were just crusin around, smokin pot, and going from party to party. Well, we decide that we need to go park somewhere, and smoke a whole lot of weed.

    For the past 5 years, we have always used this old ass cemetary that nobody knows about as a chill spot. It had always been safe, i'd never seen another car. Anyways, as soon as we pull in.. ****in bagon mobile is sitting right there just waiting to bust someone.. as soon as we pull in 2 cops jump out of the car with flash lights.. they saw me take all the **** and throw it in the glove compartment. As soon as I rolled down the window, smoke just poured out of the car. All of the weed was my friends, but somehow they nailed "Posession of Marijuana" on me.. that's my second charge in 3 months. I got out of jail yesterday, and now I have to go to Marijuana Rehab 3 times a week. Wtf

    so my probation lasts another 5 months, i'm extremly lucky that they didn't add more time to it. I'm done smoking pot until then, it just isn't worth it.

    I fucking hate this, weed makes me happy.. i'm not hurting anyone. Fucking this is so screwed up. I'm seriously going to have to lock myself in my house for the next 5 months, I don't have a single friend that isn't a huge pothead.. and i can't be tempted to smoke.
  2. thats fucked up man.....i hope everything works out for ya.
  3. that fucking sucks.
  4. man that does FUCKING SUCK!!!

    what state u live in?
  5. Texas, i am thinkin about smoking the rest of my stash.. my probation officer prolly wont test me for another month since he knows i was around second hand smoke.. they never want to waste money on drug tests, they're pretty expensive.
  6. That does blow hardcore, but you can't expect a spot to be safe when you've smoke there for five years. Your luck has to run out sometime.
  7. its because a bunch of stupid ass high school kids went there and fucked with the cemetary.. stupid kids man.
  8. if you weren't smoking while driving in a car this would never had happened.

    the only surefire way to not get caught (and even this isn't guaranteed) is to not smoke in your car while driving, don't smoke in public, and don't smoke anywhere else except for your own house/property.

    sorry you got caught (i had to deal w/some similar shit a while back). there are ways that you can beat drug tests (just search here on the city) so that would allow you to still smoke while you're on probation.
  9. Man, that's terrible and I'm sooo sorry to hear about that. :( I can empathize with your feelings about how it's not hurting anyone and how frustrating it can be. I hope things get better for ya.
  10. sorry about that man
    but dont say fuck pot, fuck the law
  11. Ditto, that sucks balls. Hairy ones
  12. I was already on probatoin, this is my second charge.. if i get caught again it could get really serious.. it just isn't worth it anymore, looks like ima be doin alot of blow for the next 5 months lol.

    3 days clean = the shit
  13. sounds like the situation i was in, except i was confined in my house for 8 months and got sent away anyways. good luck bro it gets easy the longer it lasts
  14. that blows man... thats why i try to barely ever drive with weed in the car.

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