Fuck Police Breaking into my house a 2AM

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    This story is going to be detail less just so i dont get fucked sideways.

    Alright so it was 2am last night and my door rings, we all stop and look at each other like shits about to go down. I throw as many of my things into the closet so you cant see it from the front door. As i go to my kitchen i hear someone scream PIG. i bolt like usain around my place killing lights. I sit in my kitchen waiting for them to leave when my garage door flies open. 2 Fucking pigs enter my house right infront of me. I immediately say you arent aloud to do that, After they realize i know my rights, they explain to me my neighbor called saying someone was driving on my front lawn. At the moment my front lawn has a foot of snow on it, my neighbors are denying it AND pigs broke into my house that wreaks shit. Oh but the cops were pretty chill, The one talking was a rookie and the other was just a useless old fuck that never spoke. The rookie was smart and learned a thing about respect and everyone left happy sort of? i guess i was happy i didnt get arrested, pissed at the value of my rights though.

    Moral of the story, Check my fucking window before i go to confront 2 assholes at 2 am on my doorstep. Also who the fuck leaves the garage open at 2am. Me apparently FUCK

    Shit fuck bitch

    Edit: Made my story more coherent

    Double Edit: Still no closure from the incident 1/8/13
  2. Lol lock that shit. Saves you what could have been a bad night.
  3. I would "clean my house", stash everything at a friend's for a week or two, just to be on the safe side. The odor of burnt cannabis may be enough to get a warrant in your state. "Officer Friendly" and old "Silent Joe" might just try to get one! Cops do not always show you their true faces! :eek:

    Granny :wave:
  4. Some guy thought I was braking into my house once.If my friend wouldnt have locked the door behind us they would have walked in like they did to you.

    They knocked and checked out my house.I just let them knock and they left after they seen my house was secure.
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    For sure, my roomate said that their was no smell down at the part of the house were the cops came in (he doesnt smoke so we figure the smell was null), I am still stressed because "officer friendly" clearly had a huge emotional front up and silent joe knew most of my friends in the home. Especially after i had to teach Officer friendly confronting someone aggressively in their own home is a horrible idea, it was a civil conversation but i had to explain how you cant startle someone with ptsd like he did and he understood as did i when he forced himself into my home, for all he knew someone crazy was murdering me death after he heard someone yell pigs...i hope hes not a dick i mean we were straight after he left, you can usually tell when a cop has it out for you. All we can do is hope :|
  6. Slightly stoopid
  7. Tell your friends not to yell out "pigs" when police show up.:D
  8. Moderately entertaining and incoherent story bro.
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    Thanks did you read the very first line? your condescending input wasnt needed, you are condescending over nothing...you didnt have to read the story let alone comment like a child, this may be the internet but we are a counter community so if you want to act like this many websites exist, like 4chan and reddit to name a few. Now please go comment on every other "incoherent" story you have read on GC, Because thats what grown people do...(my story wasnt incoherent at all try again)
  10. Why did you even post this? You are a highschooler i in fact read disrespectful comments and wonder why this person acted X way, Usually every time is a teenager like you

    Whats your problem? Atleast spell it "stupid"

    You should leave GC for 4chan seeing how more then half your comments are horribly thought insults, seriously hide your post history if you can man

  11. At first did you think it was someone coming to rob you or something? and did you say something like well officer, look at all the snow on my lawn, and there's clearly no one driving on it good night.

    you can actually call the police and say i had two officers come to my house this morning at 0200 hours tell me why. they will, Ive done it before
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    Good idea, i thought i was getting robbed for sure, If my friend didnt yell at me i could have been on channel 6 news, i have huge anger problems and this was right after a party at my home ended abruptly because of a fight (why i thought i was going to get robbed). In the moment my roomate mentioned no one was on the front lawn and the cops acted like people calling the police for false claims happens all the time and we didnt even talk about it. We have a 1 hour talk about respect the dude seemed chill (obvious front up of course) then left telling me not to sweat and that he was just entering my house to do his job like every other cop

    non of this is making any sense still so im going to call the station, i need to find out who called and why 2 cops forced themselves into my house for someone "driving on my front lawn" thats covered in snow

    Thanks for the tip man +rep

    Edit: Btw i am being bias towards the rookie cop, my neighbor has a drug is
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  13. Let us know what happens after you call the station. I'm curious to what information they would be willing to tell you. So let me get this straight. You had some friends over, neighbors didn't like all the ca-motion so they called the police and said someone was driving a car around on your lawn ? Did I get that right ? lol
  14. go back to high school
  15. yes, and trust me im bullshit, my town hasnt updated its online police logs in years (isnt that illegal?), i am waiting till the morning to contact the officer who did all the talking, apparently the station cant help me only the officer...(just talked to communications officer at the police station)
  16. Police officers are above the law, sir.

    Not only that, but they probably won't tell you which neighbor is the snitch unless you're an excellent smooth talker. Or you're willing to bribe them with, you know, blowjobs and donuts.:ey:

  17. i honestly doubt this guy will help me, meh we'll see, to many different outcomes to contemplate.

    I think im just paranoid even my roomate who doesnt smoke is telling me to cool it
  18. I bet they were chill. they committed a crime and they didn't want you to report that shit. fuckin cowards...
  19. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byL0yA1Pl5Q]Slightly Stoopid - 2 AM (with lyrics) - YouTube[/ame]

    reminded me of this
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  20. Trust me im bullshit ;)

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