Fuck poachers and hunters

Discussion in 'General' started by Rotties4Ever, Aug 11, 2011.

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    who hunt for sport, who hunt endangered animals and those that hunt for bounties. fuck them all I hope they get dick cancer which spreads to their eyes.
    some new sick cancer that only targets those assholes.

    Experts in China say that there are less then 50 tigers in the wild, due to poachers and distraction of habitat.
    Due to the assholes in japan soon sharks will also reach those numbers.

    This is just one of many examples which demonstrate how ignorant and arrogant we are as a species.

    I firmly believe if the rest of this shit race wasnt so apathetic, things would not be so bad

    edit - oh ya I also despise zoos, and would love to cage a few of those animals that run the zoos.
    If you are one of those that cant possible imagine a good enough reason as to why I hate zoos,
    watch this following video, while most of it is unrelated to the topic at hand and while I do suggest to watch it all, just skip to 5:10 to understand


    fuck capturing animals from the wild just so some ungrateful ignorant idiots can go and see them.
    you wanna go see animals take the proper measures and go observe them in their natural habitat
    I assure you it is much better then a fucking cage.
    People have cages for their dogs now too, wtf is that shit,
    if you wanna cage a dog, here is an idea dont get a fucking dog. go get a fucking hamster. or a rat.
  2. agreed. killing for fun is retarded. fuck poachers especially. killin rhinos and shit so some old retarded rich guy can think he will get a boner.

    i didnt know there were less than 50 tigers in the wild. its a damn shame what is wrong with people.
  3. I completely agree if your doing it for sport that's fucked up, what kind of sport is taking another life. But I used to hunt with my dad every year at our old hunting cabin up in the mountains of PA. It wasn't for sport though, every animal we killed, we ate.
  4. poor Sharks and Tigers.

    I've hunted before but Wild Boar, and the ones that we did kill we ate them immediately the next day.

    Its stupid how Japan kills hundreds and hundreds of Sharks just for their Fins :/
  5. wait. i fish though and kill bait. is that acceptable? and i release the fish if im not going to eat him.
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    thats still sport, you werent thrown in to the woods by some out of control circumstances which forced you to eat or die from stravation.
    you like that asshole les stroud purposefully and knowingly put your self in that situation.
    the rules of this site keep from speaking my full opinion.

  7. I think that's completely acceptable. We have plenty of fish to go around, Tigers and other shit is a different story.

  8. and dolphins/whales. its really fucked up what they do. matter of fact i think japan overfishes the most valuble animals.

    they'er going to run the blue fin tuna population extinct. damn the sushi business.
  9. fucking retarded not stupid, these fucking idiot people who engage in that activity, dont even have the brain capacity to fully understand what it is thier doing and the consequences of their action,
    in my mind I can compare that to fucking giving a nuke launch codes to some mentally unstable dictator, or a even a child.

  10. Well you know what I meant though, I didn't kill for fun and to frame their heads or keep their Antlers. I killed because that was our source of food when we were up in the mountains for those 4 weeks out of the year.
  11. tough guy with an overpowered scope rifle, just align the target and pull the trigger.
    BIG MAN, I would love to take one of those rifles and shove it in their ass, and pull the trigger.
  12. There is not a single thing. Morally or any other reason wrong with hunting. Not one.
  13. like i said before, you went by choice. you think that makes you any different, a dead animal is a dead animal which otherwise would have lived, how do you know the animal you kill is not taking care of its offspring or something. Oh thats right you dont.
    I doubt thoughts like these even ever cross your mind. Who cares right,
    humans always love to feel so superior to all other animals, most of the time kill just cause they can, its thier minds it makes their fragile ego's feel supreme.

  14. Besides endangering countless animals. I'm all for hunting, but obviously it's true that it's getting out of control.
  15. youre hilarious you hypocrite, you try to defend animals being hunted by other animals with threats of shooting them.

    what he is doing is no different from a cougar attacking a deer, he is hunting for his survival, as our species has done for thousands and thousands of years.
  16. Hunting within the confines of the law is fine. I hunt deer with friends and have friends that mount the deer on their wall. Now its not my thing glorifying the kill. But. Honest question. Do you want that deer wandering onto the road and causing a car accident?
  17. thats not a fact, just your opinion, but if what you say is true then I should hunt you, why not?
    I hold your life much lower then I would a life that benefits other lives and other organisms instead of hunting them.

  18. Ok, well when you get the knot out of your panties come and talk to me. :wave:
  19. trollin. and rotties gonna rape you haha
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