Fuck pillz and meth!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by banks69, May 28, 2009.

  1. i just smoke weed and sipp purple drank

    and once in a blue moon eat me sum shrooms!
  2. Man fuck meth but not pills! I'm rolling balls right now and i'm feelin fiiiiiine.
  3. Dont diss pills man.
  4. there are plenty of pills out there for fans of shrooms - check out pandora's box
  5. is this like, pointless thread day
  6. I agree, pills always seem to make me sick, and they are no fun. Why pop a pill when you can have a nice smoking session with all of your friends.
  7. Naw mayne, ice n' pills aint so bad for me!
    Welcome to the city blade..

    Goin' to grab some fire ice (oxymoron eh?). dipset
  8. I disagree, there's nuthing like having a few brews and popping 1 or 2 oxycodine, then playing some video games. Its something that I do once in awhile solo. Mad relaxing. Good shit, try it.
  9. Yo banks, you spit verses at all? You just seem familiar for some random reason in my mind.. o.o
  10. Dude second that.
  11. ummm pills are amazing

    i like poppin pills

    never tried meth so i cant speak on that
  12. yo my bad i didnt mean to offend yall... didnt know there were alot of "pill heads" on a grass forum...

    so my bad but fuck meth its has ruined sum of my family members! =[

    But "WHITEKONG" is right tho i felt the same way when i first rolled!

    never did it since... plus i heard meth was in sum pills
  13. OK Real Quik I DONT FUCK WITH "E" those pills i really never fucked with perscrition drugs are they good?
  14. are they?
  15. Smoke weed. Is all I have to say.
    There are thousands of pills out there and only 3 forms of meth, each are all different but weed will always be the same.
    It'll all about your preference.
    Personally, pills are good for once every while, and meth, well that shit is the devil.
    And weed, it has done wonders for me with a few surgeries I had. ;)
  16. Man fuck pills but not meth! I'm tweeking balls right now and i'm feelin fiiiiiine.
  17. haha ight i guess lol ^^^

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